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Watch Bracelet Sizing, Adjustment & Installation in NYC

Have your wrist watch sized by a watchmaker while you wait

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Although we might sometimes wish it, watch bracelets are not “one size fits all.” A bracelet that’s either too tight or too lose can be very uncomfortable and reduce your enjoyment in the timepiece that you’ve invested so much in. However, with customized bracelet sizing, you will never have to deal with an ill fitting watch.

Loose watch bracelet causing discomfort from excessive movement

Example of a watch bracelet on the wrist cutting of circulation

When you bring your watch in to Manhattan Time Service, we can make sure that your watch’s bracelet is a perfect fit, allowing you to wear your watch comfortably and securely. Keep reading to learn a little more about Manhattan Time Service’s bracelet sizing options and why you should trust us with your beloved timepiece.

Bracelet Sizing Services Quickly and Easily

Many watch owners can go for years wearing a watch with a damaged or poorly sized bracelet, usually due to the inconvenience of seeking a repair or resize. However, if you bring your timepiece in to Manhattan Time Service, our sizing experts can size or adjust your watch’s bracelet in whatever way you need.

Or, if you have a new bracelet, we can install it on your watch for you and make necessary adjustments. Instead of worrying about your watch slipping off, or dealing with the discomfort of a tight, pinching bracelet, come in to Manhattan Time Service Right away and walk out with a perfectly fitting watch.

Visit Manhattan Time Service Today

Keeping your timepiece running the way you need it is dependent on finding a trusted professional source for watch repair and maintenance. To schedule a bracelet sizing, or any other watch service, you need to call us at 212-840-0441 or visit Manhattan Time Services today. We have experience in working with a number of watch brands and styles ranging from Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Seiko, Michael Kors, Michelle, and have the know-how to give your beloved watch the all-encompassing service that you need.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our comprehensive watch services and bring in your bracelet for a quick, expert resizing.

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