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Shipping Policy

Domestic Shipping Policy

We offer free domestic shipping on all products purchased from

Note: We cannot ship to PO Boxes nor APO/FPO. There is a $20 surcharge for items shipped to Puerto Rico,   Hawaii and Alaska.

All products ordered from will be carefully inspected and video recorded before shipment. Once shipped a tracking number will be issued and emailed to the address the order was placed from.

Please have someone available at your shipping address to sign for the package.

If using PayPal as a form of payment, we will only ship to the PayPal verified address.

International Customers

We offer worldwide shipping, charges will be based on your location, value of the item and the method you choose to have item shipped by. We reserve the right to cancel order in some rare cases when we are not able to verify your information. does not assess duty for an international order and International orders are subject to applicable customs, and import duties and taxes, which are the sole responsibility of the customer. Please contact your local customs office for details.

Return Policy


New and pre-owned watches purchased from us may be returned within 30 days from the initial purchase, provided that you notify us of your intention to do so within 2 days after the item was successfully delivered. The item must be returned in the same condition as received, including the original packaging, boxes, books, cards, hand tags, protective film intact, unworn, un-sized and un-used. The merchandise must be shipped fully insured for the full purchase price & with signature confirmation. We will not be responsible for lost packages during shipping process. Upon receipt of the returned item the package will be opened under video recording and restocked. A 18% restocking fee will be deducted from purchase price at which point the refund will be processed.

Watch Bands and Straps:

Watch bands may be returned only if unused with original tags attaches and not tempered with in any way. A 20% restocking fee will be deducted from purchase price at which point the refund will be processed.

Online Repair Form Terms of use [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

We will ONLY accept watches sent to us with the online repair form displayed on the front page of our website completely filled out, any watch sent to us without the completion of the online repair form will be refused and shipped back to the customer at owner’s expense. Only one watch may be sent per box. Customer must agree to the Terms and Conditions before submitting the form. If your watch is not listed in the [Select Brand] call us first for further instructions. We are not liable for damages/defects to the watch during the shipment process. For customers and our protection every watch sent to us is video documented upon receiving and before shipment of the watch. Note we DO NOT repair replica watches, the customer is responsible for shipping and handling charges.

Customer Shipment and Procedures [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

Customers: It has been through painful experience that watches can often get damaged in the shipping process, that’s why we prepared this short “how to ship safely and securely” guide

– Please do not send us the original box your watch came with.

– Pack your watch securely in padded wrapping materials.

– Remember to insure the watch for its full replacement value.

– Please hold on to the tracking number.

  Note. We do not recommend any particular carrier for shipping the watch to us, use the carrier of your choice and at your own risk.

  Insuring your watch. Please insure and include the value of the watch in the online repair form Comments area. It is customers responsibility to defend this amount with a formal appraisal by a third party (respected jewler) or with a receipt for the watch when purchased new. You are responsible for any damages that may occur to your product while in transit. In the event of a claim with the shipping company, you are responsible for providing proof of purchase as well as proof of shipment in order to collect on insurance. If you do not provide proper documentation, Manhattan Time Service Inc. is not responsible for obtaining insurance reimbursement.


Manhattan Time Service Inc.

Attn:. Repairs Department

2 West 46th street, Suite 400

New York, NY 10036

We will contact you via e-mail, or by phone as soon as we have safely received your watch.

Manhattan Time Service Shipment Procedure [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

Before each watch is packed it is carefully video documented for customers and our protection. Once the package is ready for shippment FedEx courtusy service pickes up the package from our facility.For security reasons we ONLY ship the watch to a physical address via FedEx insured mail with Adult Signature Required. The watch will be insured for the value specified in the comment section of the online repair form on our website. Note we will only ship the watch to the cutomers credit card billing address used to pay for the repair in the checkout section of our website or via phone. However this procedure may be bypassed, customers may choose to have the watch shipped to a diffrent address other than the one originally specified on the Return Address in the online repair form. Also customers may choose to have the watch shipped to a diffrent address other the customers credit card billing address used to pay for the repair of the watch. Customers will have to go through additional verification procedure, 5% of the total repair charges will be added to ether one of the 2 options specified above. Customers that would like to use eather one of those options will be notified once again upon completion of the repair.

Note.  In the rare event that your watch is lost or stolen during shipment the payment processed for the repair of the watch will not refundable. All thou we never had a watch lost or stolen during shipment to the customer the package is protected by G4S International which a specialized service provider for people who need to ship, insure and manage high value shipments. Note: Shipping insurance does not cover sentimental value. Once the insurance claim is paid by the G4SI to Manhattan Time Service Inc, You (the customer) will be notified. We will ONLY make out the check to the name entered by the customer in the online repair form (return address section).

Payment Information: [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

Customers may choose the most convenient form of payment from the various options that we offer. Payment by credit card using our dependable SSL shopping cart is the quickest way to have a watch repaired. But we also accept Google checkout, all major credit cards, cash and money orders. HOWEVER, we do not accept personal checks. Payments can be made upon the verbal or written approval of the watch repair estimate.

Our Procedures and Other Important FAQ’s regarding our  service. [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]


Upon arrival of the watch each customer is given a unique repair number,  customers and information about the watch are inputted into our system (Name,  Serial numbers, Problem, etc.)

Afterwards the watch is carefully inspected for defects (2 day – 3 day procedure), once the estimate is ready we will notify you (the customer) via e-mail or phone with the complete estimate. After giving you the service estimate, we wait for a written or verbal approval for us to start working on the watch. Note: Upon accepting the estimate for the repair, you have made a legally binding agreement to proceed with the repair. The time needed to finish the work depends greatly on the kind of service that needs to be done.

Please click on the link below, you will be redirected to the  Help Center with important information regarding our services.

Guarantee of Repair. [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

Manhattan Time Service does not guarantee that we can repair your watch without first opening it up. We must first examine the timepiece to determine if the repair can be completed successfully. Note In case your watch cannot be repaired due to lack of access to necessary parts

you agree to pay the return shipping of your watch.

Rejected Watches [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

In the event that you do not want to proceed with the repairs, and do not want to pay for return shipping, we will hold onto your unrepaired watch for a period of no longer than one (1) year in case you change your mind regarding either the repair or return shipment.

1 Year Limited Warranty and Exclusions [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

We are pleased to offer our clients a one year (1 year) warranty on modern watches from the repair completion date. Your watch has been carefully cleaned and repaired by the latest scientific methods. It has been adjusted and checked for defects in workmanship. In rare cases where the watch will malfunction within one year of the initial repair, we will check the watch and perform the necessary repairs free of charge; however our warranty does NOT apply to wear and tear, willful mistreatment, rough handling, incorrect application, tampering with or removing the case-back, and excludes batteries, case, strap or bracelet, crystals. Note thatwinding and setting parts, balance staff are not covered, nor are electronic components. Damage caused by a service performed by anyone who is not an MTS service provider is NOT covered. Partial or minor repairs are NOT covered by our warranty. We will NOT be held liable for problems not related to the original service we performed for your watch.

Damage due to water is also not considered under warranty except if we are able to pressure-certify the watch. Note that water resistance is temporary as the gaskets of the watch will deteriorate over time. To ensure a proper water tight seal it is recommended that the gaskets be inspected and changed every 2 years to prevent rips, tears, and deterioration.

6 Month Limited Warranty and Exclusions [Applicable to watch repair ONLY]

Unless otherwise stated, Manhattan Time Service offers a 6 month warranty on vintage watch repairs. The warranty begins from the repair completion date. While quality is our standard and perfection is our goal, we cannot and will not entirely guarantee achieving the standard accuracy of your timepiece provided by the original manufacturer dated to when the watch was new. After the initial repair we will test the watch over a 7 day period to ensure the proper functionality of the movement; however minor adjustments might be necessary after the watch is returned to their rightful owner. It’s important to understand that vintage watches are more delicate than modern watches and new problems can arise after the initial repair. We will therefore analyze the problem and perform any necessary repairs throughout the warranty period. However, our warranty does NOT apply to wear and tear, willful mistreatment, rough handling, incorrect application, tampering with or removing the case-back, case, strap or bracelet, crystals. Note: winding and setting parts, balance staff and, mainspring are not covered. Damage caused by a service performed by anyone who is not an MTS service provider is NOT covered. Partial or minor repairs are NOT covered by our warranty. We will NOT be held liable for problems not related to the original service we performed for your watch.


Over a long period of time we have found that most vintage timepieces are NOT and will NOT be water resistant, therefore we do NOT warranty damage due to water unless we are able to pressure-certify the watch.

Send us your question

Thank you for being interested in having your watch repaired with us, we are looking forward to your visit. In the meantime if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.

The following busses stop near our location in mid-town NYC: M1 – 5th Ave/48th street, M2 – 5th Ave/47th, M3 – 5th Ave/ 46th street, M4 – 5th Ave/44th street, M5 – 5th Ave/40th street, Q32 – 5th Ave/53rd street, QM2 – 6th Ave/44th street.

Orange lines (B, D, F, M) to 47-50 Rockefeller Center, yellow lines (N, Q, R) to 49th street and 6th Ave, red lines (1, 2, 3) to Time Sq 42nd street, purple line (7) to Time Sq 42nd street

We are conveniently located in mid-town Manhattan at 2 west 46th street #400, between 5th and 6th (closer to 5th) across the street from Ranch1 restaurant.

Work: LOCAL: (212) 840-0441 Fax: (212)840-0531
Hours: Mon-Fri, 10AM – 6PM EST

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