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Customer Reviews

Welcome to Manhattan Time Service's Reviews page, where we showcase real client reviews of our watch repair, watch battery replacement, cleaning and polishing services. Need help? Call1.866.969.9069 or visit our Contact Page

I have been bringing my watches to Manhattan Time for many years. I have recommended them to both family and friends because they do an outstanding job. The quality of their work is simply the best regardless of what you need, from complex restoration work to simple thing like a watch band replacement.

- Best Regards, Gary

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    Manhattan Time Service - Watch Store

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    Ed I. - Leominster, MA
    100 Year Old Pocket Watch
    After searching for a repair service for a 100 year old family heirloom watch, I came across Manhattan Time Services. They assured me they could repair this watch, which had not worked for at least 30 years. I sent it in and got a phone call confirming that they had received it and Jacob gave me a rundown of what he would be looking at and an approximate time frame for an estimate. I then got his call with the service he would perform, including replacing the jewels and hand making a few parts along with a repair cost estimate and return shipping. I felt that hand made parts might take some time, so I was prepared for a bit of a wait, but the watch was completed and returned in a few weeks and it is now ticking away nicely. I am very happy that this watch now works and I am quite pleased with all aspects of this venture. Jacob was very courteous and professional and was able to get a vintage timepiece running in short order and for a reasonable price. I plan on sending in another vintage watch for repair soon. A watchmaker like Jacob is truly a treasure!
    12 Nov 2019
    Lynn G
    Ebel strap adjustment
    Extremely professional. Made sure that the job was done perfectly.
    28 Oct 2019
    Rick A. Hewlett, NY
    Gold Concord Watch
    My wife gave me a concord gold watch for our engagement 35 years ago. It finally gasped its last breath. I called Concord direct, sent them my watch, and they sent it back. "Nope. No parts. No can do. But here is a gift certificate for a discount on a new Concord or Movado." Not the same. No sentimental value. I took the watch to two jewelers in Boca Raton, FL. "No good. Cannot get parts." I then went to London Jewelers in Manhasset, Long Island. "Sorry. Cannot get the parts." Then went to Manhattan Time Service. It wasn't cheap, but damn if they didn't get the parts and make the watch as good as new. I had a little unrelated problem with the watch a few weeks later. Brought the watch back. Repaired . . . no charge. I'm bringing my Breitling in as soon as I get a chance. I'm from Long Island. A bit of a trip, but well worth it. I recommend Manhattan Time Service without reservation. Rick A.
    28 Oct 2019
    Jonathan S. - San Francisco, CA
    Concord Delirium watch repair
    I wouldn't take my watches anywhere else. Manhattan Time Service offers the best in class for professionalism, workmanship, customer service/ communication, pricing and turn around. Jacob is the go to guy to get you set up for what needs to be done. I HIGHLY recommend MTS for anyone who wants a job well done, and who doesn't?
    21 Oct 2019
    Michele F. - Cicero, NY
    Honest and good at what they do! I appreciate their knowledge and what they do. Because I only get to the City once a quarter they mailed me back everything I brought to them. Great job! Thank you!
    18 Oct 2019

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