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Customer Reviews

Welcome to Manhattan Time Service's Reviews page, where we showcase real client reviews of our watch repair, watch battery replacement, cleaning and polishing services. Need help? Call1.866.969.9069 or visit our Contact Page

I have been bringing my watches to Manhattan Time for many years. I have recommended them to both family and friends because they do an outstanding job. The quality of their work is simply the best regardless of what you need, from complex restoration work to simple thing like a watch band replacement.

- Best Regards, Gary

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    Emile V. Sag - Harbor, NY
    Repairing my watches
    I have used the services of Manhattan Time Service for years for all my watches. I highly recommend them. They can deal with any brand and are very reasonably priced. In rare circumstance, the repair job did not fix the problem they immediately fix it, no questions asked, without any additional charges.
    06 Mar 2020
    Susan K. - Medford, OR
    Rolex overhaul
    Extremely professional & competent. I would trust them with my most expensive watches!
    29 Feb 2020
    Joan Sheehan
    Ladies Rolex oyster repair
    I just received back my ladies' Rolex watch from having been repaired here at Manhattan Time Service. They did a wonderful job! I had my watch worked on locally some years ago, and they really didn't know what they were doing, and it was money wasted. For the best repair service of all, select this business because they know what they are doing and now my Rolex is running like it was supposed to when it first came out of the factory. Many thanks, Manhattan Time Service! Joan Sheehan
    06 Feb 2020
    Mary H. - Holland, MI
    CYMA glass replacement
    I can very strongly recommend Manhattan Time Service. They were able to replace the crystal on my Cyma watch (which most places cannot), they were very polite, efficient, cost effective and I received the return of my watch very quickly.
    17 Jan 2020
    Richard P. - Poughkeepsie, NY
    Omega Speedmaster "moon watch" repair
    I've sent Omega watches to MTS twice now for service and repair, and twice they've beat the "official" Omega facility for speed, price, and convenience.Updated reviewThe road to satisfaction can be bumpy, but getting there is what matters. I was unsatisfied with Omega's own service on my 1995 Speedmaster "moon watch" so I looked for another possibility. The reviews for MTS seemed mostly positive. (I would have been suspicious had they been unanimously so.) I spoke to Jacob, got an estimate - not inexpensive but less than Omega - and sent in my watch. They had it about three weeks (again, less time than Omega took) and sent it back. I was dismayed to discover that the watch had a very strange glitch that caused it to stop cold at the exact same hour every time! I called MTS and explained my pique; they said send it back and they would take care of it. However, I am the sort who wants to know the details so I traveled into the city and paid a visit in person. MTS does not maintain a showy storefront; their address has the look of a no-nonsense workshop. I met Jacob, told him what was wrong, he asked me to wait, and he took the watch in back to have the watchmaker look at it. I was mentally prepared to be told "Here's what's wrong, we'll get to it right away but it will take a couple of days." I would have accepted that, but instead the watch came back in 15 minutes working smoothly and as close to spec as a manual-wind movement can be expected to hit (+3-4 seconds/day - it had been gaining 20+ seconds/day when I brought it in). Apparently some arcane setting got unsettled in shipment to me, even though the watch was well-protected in its shipping box. In conclusion - was it a perfect experience? No. At the end of it all, am I happy and would I use MTS again? Yes, without hesitation
    14 Jan 2020

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