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authorized tag heuer watch repair
authorized tag heuer watch repair

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Certified Tag Heuer watchmakers specializing in repairs of new and vintage Tag Heuer watches.


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“My tag heuer Carrera Calibre 5 was in need of a new crystal. After an extensive google search, I found Manhattan Time Services, and I'm glad I did! The horologist used genuine tag heuer parts for the job and i had my baby back in five days! I highly recommend this shop if you want your time piece returned to you with original factory parts. When I need to fully service my Tag, I know where to go. Thanks Mitchell!”
Candace O
Bronx, NY
“Ok, my Tag Heuer needed a new battery and check. Because we're from the EU it was send to TH Germany who asked a ridiculous price for the job, I let it send back (gone 7 weeks..). Because of my upcoming visit to NYC I decided to contact MTS and they fixed the watch in two days and for a normal price-tag. Great communication and great job.”
Eric M.
“It was my luck that my Tag Heuer is now perfectly okay. Mitchell was amazing, he knew how to repair my Tag Heuer, during a bike accident the case and watchband got severely damaged 🙁 It was beyond repair and I was totally shocked to see that Mitchell was able to repair the case and find the same exact watch band 🙂 I was absolutely stunned by his efforts.”
Havij K.
New York, NY

Recent Repairs

Tag Heuer case-side laser engraving done at Manhattan Time Service watchmaking

Tag Heuer Service Recommendations

It is recommended to give your TAG Heuer watch a full service every 3 to 5 years, depending on use and condition.

Just like a fine automobile, every machine that contains a moving mechanism needs to be serviced after some time. Of course, the exact time between services depends on the model of your TAG Heuer, the climate in which it was worn and the way the owner used the watch.

Every vintage or modern era Tag Heuer watch sent to us is closely examined by a master watchmaker who carries out a series of tests in order to prepare a detailed cost estimate before any work is completed. This is done at no cost to the customer.

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Tag Heuer Related questions

The answer is yes, like any other complex instrument a Tag Heuer watch will require basic maintenance every 2 years and a complete overhaul or full restoration every 6 years. Look at it this way, compare your Tag Heuer to a Porsche Carrera, the Porsche requires maintenance (oil change, tire replacement, etc). Without the proper maintenance, your Tag Heuer watch will deteriorate, drop in value and eventually stop working.

There are several factors to consider, and it also depends if time is of an essence.
The obvious one is researching your local area for an 'authorized Tag Heuer watch repair shop', you might want to give them a call, verify their reviews or check around the forums for that particular business. Most will claim to be an authorized or a certified Tag Heuer repair, but don't take their word for it, verify it. In case you notice condensation or suspect that moisture got inside your watch DO NOT WAIT, get your watch to a Certified Tag Heuer repair facility ASAP. Trust me you will save your self a lot of money.

Tag Heuer watches are fine instruments, the name "Heuer" dates back to 1860 founded by Edouard Heuer who crafted and patented his first Heuer Chronograph in the early 1880's. Heuer was applied in many industries (aviation, diving, and science), but the main one was automotive. Both the engineers and drivers trusted the Heuer instruments after all their lives depended on them. From 1860 up until now Heuer now known as Tag Heuer crafted and is currently crafting fine instruments. Here at Manhattan Time Service we have restored the earlier models of the Heuer Triple Date Chronograph dating back to the early 1940s. 80 years later that same watch performs nearly as accurately as the date it was manufactured. Your Tag Heuer will last a lifetime or longer, actual performance will depend on how you maintain it and care for your it.

Our Expertise at fixing Tag Heuer watches

Your TAG Heuer will receive special attention while it is in our care, and we use all genuine TAG Heuer materials and components when required for replacement.

After accepting the cost estimate, our master watchmakers begin immediately carrying out all the necessary procedures to service or repair your watch, including the replacement of all worn or defective components.

Historical Information

The Swiss luxury watch company, TAG Heuer, was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer at Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Since then, TAG Heuer has been responsible for many major milestones in the field of Swiss watch making, including the oscillating pinion (1887), the first stopwatch accurate to 1/100th of a second (1916) and the first self-winding mechanical chronograph movement (1969).

TAG Heuer’s patented oscillating pinion is a technology still used today by major watch makers in their mechanical chronographs. And in 1911, Heuer received a patent for his “Time of Trip,” the first dashboard chronograph intended for use in automobiles and aircraft that would record the “duration of trip” with start/stop/reset buttons operable by the driver or pilot. TAG Heuer still pushes the boundaries of watch-making and timekeeping with “avant-garde” designs and materials.

Since the early 20th century, TAG Heuer has been creating some of the most advanced and accurate sports watches and timepieces ever available. With this reputation built from the demanding world of sports and competition, TAG Heuer’s collections also include fashionable formal wear so a wearer can have a TAG Heuer for every occasion or any personality.

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