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How To Change Your Ebel Watch Band (Step-by-Step Guide 2021)

Replacing your Ebel watch strap

Replacing your watch strap can be a bit tricky at first, particularly if it’s not something you’ve attempted before. So, we’ve brought you our definitive step-by-step guide to changing your Ebel watch band and some tops tips for aftercare, to give you a helping hand.


step-by-step guide to changing your Ebel band

It might seem a bit obvious, basically when it’s worn out and ready to fall off, but actually you really need to be replacing your watch strap just before this point. The danger of leaving it until breaking point, quite literally means that it could break at any point, which could result in you losing the watch.

Ebel strap

We’ve come across this happening and it’s definitely the worst-case scenario. A leather watch strap will last between about 18 months to two years on average, depending on the amount of wear.


choosing a new Ebel strap

Once you’ve browsed the range of Ebel watch straps online and picked one you like, you need to make sure that the band fits your model. The model number of your watch (located on the case back) needs to match the model number listed in the band’s description.

Ebel case back

There can be very small variations between the widths of screw holes, which is why you need to make sure you have the right band for your model. You also need to make sure the strap fits your type of buckle, is it a standard buckle or a deployment clasp? This will also be listed in the description.


Measuring an Ebel watch band

Next up, you’ll need to measure the band on the buckle side as you’ll need to know how wide the band you currently have is. In the image above, this is to the left of the buckle. Or in the image below, the measurement is from the stretch of leather beneath the clasp.

Measuring the band size on your watch

In the description online, you’ll see all the measurements listed below…

– Case / buckle: 20 mm / 16 mm

– Length: 7.5″

– Band thickness: (case: 4 mm) (buckle: 2.4 mm)


Removing your Ebel watch strap

Once you’ve purchased the new band and received it, find a clean, clear workspace to work on. First off, you’ll need a precision screwdriver to remove your current strap. Unscrew it from the case and clean the screws (wash in normal water and dry thoroughly). Separate the strap from the case and then separate the band from the buckle.

how to change a strap

On one side of the band, there’s a spring bar, this needs to be removed to separate the band from the buckle, and on the other side are two screws, these screws must also be removed. Lay everything out on the table in front of you, as this will help you when fixing the new strap.

TIP: Keep a note of how the top piece of the buckle was positioned, as it won’t fit in any other way.


Assembling a new watchband

With the new strap, you need to first fix the band onto the buckle (before it goes on the watch).

TIP: I always put a tiny amount of Loctite onto the buckle screws (not the case), which helps lock them in place.

Next up, you’ll need to mount the strap onto the case. When screwing it in, make sure to position the band at a right angle with one hand, before you start screwing. The screws will need to go in at the correct angle, so as not to strip any of the thread inside the band.

tips for replacing your watch strap

You’ll know if you’re screwing correctly as you shouldn’t feel any resistance at all, until right at the last moment when you get to the end. If you feel any resistance, don’t keep on screwing. Instead go back, unscrew and start again.

the definitive guide to changing your watch strap

Screws will need to be mounted simultaneously on each side of the case. Finish the job by putting the spring bar back on and attaching it to the buckle.

(NOTE: If you don’t fancy changing the strap yourself, you can bring it in-store and we will do so for a fee.)


Ebel watch on the wrist

1. To help protect your leather strap, try to avoid having contact with soap when washing your hands and remove your watch before going into the ocean.

2. Apply a UV cream to the outside of the strap, to help prolong the life expectancy of the leather; this is particularly important if you live in a hot country with lots of UV ray exposure.

3. The worst thing you can do is heat the strap, so always remove your watch before using a hairdryer.

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