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New York Premiere Watch Repair Facility


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How do we do it?

The watchmaker opens the case back and removes the movement.

The mechanism is entirely taken apart; the parts subjected to the greatest stresses are replaced, including the mainspring and the automatic winding mechanism’s reversing wheel.

Without exception, all parts are carefully cleaned by our state of the art, computer-operated cleaning machine.

Our technicians then painstakingly reassemble the movement. During the reassembly phase, the watchmaker judiciously lubricate various parts, using only the specified types of synthetic oils, in the exact recommended quantity and method of application as specified by the original maker.

The technician returns the optimally lubricated movement to its case. The watch is then placed on a computerized timing machine, where its rate is tested and adjusted until it falls within specific tolerances.

Finally, the watch is subjected to a visual inspection and a strict check of its technical functions. In order to ensure accuracy and perfect reassembly, an automatic watch winder simulates a 4-day period of everyday use.


Expert watch repair

Because we believe in the perfection of our master watchmakers’ work, and because our customers’ perception of that work is of the utmost importance, we guarantee our work one year (1 year) from the date the watch is returned to their rightful owner.

  • Over 32 years of watch repair experience
  • Faster and cheaper than the original manufacturer
  • 1 year service warranty
  • Free estimates

Our highly trained watchmakers will provide professional repairs and services for your watch both faster and cheaper than the original manufacturer.

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