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“We are a leading Manhattan-based, family-owned watch repair store in New York with over 35 years of experience in watchmaking.Our world-renowned reputation, expertise, passion, and extraordinary service guarantee you the very best when you shop with us.”

When it comes to getting your watch repaired

Almost every day, watch wearers looking to have their beloved timepiece repaired ask us such questions.

To address the most common watch repair-related questions, we have decided to answer them here for our audience.

The service price is determined by the type of watch brand we are dealing with and the service to be performed. Sometimes a question might arise if a geographic location also plays a role in obtaining a watch repair quote. And the short answer is NO; our watch repair store is located in Midtown, New York City 10036, and is the nearest watch repair shop to 5th avenue in Mid-Town Manhattan. Regardless of location, we would not charge a customer more for watch battery replacement service based on location.

The answer to the 2nd question is subjective as every watch and its condition is divergent; therefore, a careful examination must be performed in order to determine if a vintage timepiece can, in fact be repaired. Just like in any other profession, it takes an expert and their accumulated expertise over the decades to achieve a constructive end result. In the case of a professional watchmaker to perform the service on vintage and a delicate timepiece to be best of their ability.
There are plenty of watch repair shops nearby to our store located at 46th street #400, and it makes it hard to determine which shop outperforms all the others or who will get the job done for less.

Such questions are prudential; however, if I was shopping for a watch repair service, my first questions before addressing the issues with my watch would rather be. Are you certified by the manufacturer, for instance, 'Omega' to repair this brand? Can you source the original parts directly from the watch manufacturer, followed by conveying the issues with my beloved timepiece?

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Watch Repair & Restoration

Your watch movement will be thoroughly overhauled, carefully oiled, and lubricated, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.

Watch Battery Replacement

High-capacity, non-expired battery replacement, with gasket renewal and meticulous water pressure testing.

Exterior Polishing & Restoration

Eliminating dings, precise laser restoration and profiling, crystal replacement, and shine revival for a perfect watch finish.

Watch Engraving Services

Custom watch engraving, laser or mechanical, with a variety of fonts and shapes. Express service available.

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Thank you for being interested in having your watch repaired with us, we are looking forward to your visit. In the meantime if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.

The following busses stop near our location in mid-town NYC: M1 – 5th Ave/48th street, M2 – 5th Ave/47th, M3 – 5th Ave/ 46th street, M4 – 5th Ave/44th street, M5 – 5th Ave/40th street, Q32 – 5th Ave/53rd street, QM2 – 6th Ave/44th street.

Orange lines (B, D, F, M) to 47-50 Rockefeller Center, yellow lines (N, Q, R) to 49th street and 6th Ave, red lines (1, 2, 3) to Time Sq 42nd street, purple line (7) to Time Sq 42nd street

We are conveniently located in mid-town Manhattan at 2 west 46th street #400, between 5th and 6th (closer to 5th) across the street from Ranch1 restaurant.

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