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Celebrity Watch Spotting – 5 of the Best

We love all things watches here at Manhattan Time Service of course and we’re always keeping our eye out on the world of celebrity lifestyle to see which watches the rich and famous are wearing and, we’re pleased to report, there’s some great examples in movies, television and real life of celebrities wearing some super cool watches.

Needless to say, we’re all influenced by celebrities from time to time and that’s why the world’s leading watchmakers like Breitling, TAG Heuer et al use some A-listers to act as brand ambassadors for their timepieces. It’s great fun trying to spot and identify watches of the rich and famous and we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourites watches worn by celebrities of late below:

1 – Casey Affleck / Casio G-Shock DW6900MS-1


In the recent movie, Triple 9, Casey Affleck, the slightly less well known brother of Ben, rocked the extremely robust Casio G-Shock DW6900MS-1 watch in his turn as a rookie cop in Atlanta, Georgia. The choice of the Casio G-Shock DW6900MS-1 as his timepiece is pretty fitting given that it is one of the most durable and tough timepieces on the market – something that will likely come in handy whilst chasing murderers and drug dealers through the streets, as he does in the film.

The Casio G-Shock DW6900MS-1 watch is part of the watchmaker’s military inspired collection of watches and the stealthy, black exterior makes it an uber-cool timepiece for those who live their life at 100MPH! In the action packed movie, there are plenty of shots with Affleck wearing this top notch timepiece from Casio and we’re in little doubt that sales would have shot up after seeing it displayed in such a masculine manner. A great-looking, affordable and robust watch that we’re massive fans of at Manhattan Time Service.

2 – Liam Hemsworth / Hamilton X-Wind Auto Chrono


Independence Day was one of the most iconic movies of our generation and with the revamp of the movie at cinemas now, excitement is understandably high. Well, it turns out we’ve got two reasons to be excited about the movie because there is also a magnificent luxury watch on display throughout. The watch in question is the Hamilton X-Wind Auto Chrono and it is worn by Liam Hemsworth as he plays US Air Force pilot, Jake Morrison.

Hamilton are a watchmaker we’ve got a lot of time for and we’re not surprised that the producers on the new Independence Day movie choose to join forces with them because they boast some of the finest looking aviation watches on the market and the X-Wind Auto Chrono worn by Hemsworth in the new movie is certainly amongst the best of the bunch.

Built with adventure in mind and taking its design inspiration from military timepieces, the X-Wind Auto Chrono from Hamilton is perfectly suited to the high octane action that we’re sure to see in the new Independence Day and we’re almost as excited about seeing this timepiece in action as we are watching humans pit wits against aliens once again!

3 – Colin Firth / Bremont Kingsman


It’s not often that a movie ties in with a watchmaker to create a collection of watches specifically for that film but that’s exactly what happened when English watchmakers Bremont crafted the Kingsman collection of timepieces for the movie’s two lead characters, Colin Firth and Aron Egerton.

This superb movie / watch crossover is made all the more impressive by the fact that one of Bremont’s co-founders, Nick English, actually made a brief cameo in the movie as one of the Kingsman. This luxurious looking timepiece pops up frequently throughout the James Bond-esque movie and is a focal point on a number of occasions. If, like us, you love to keep your eye out for watches in movies, this was perhaps one of the more blatant examples (considering Bremont have released the collection) but it is no less striking as a result.

Bremont is a brand that we love at Manhattan Time Service and it’s fitting that the UK watchmakers lent their talents to the Kingsman movie given that it plays largely upon English refinement and dapperness – the Bremont Kingsman watches are the embodiment of this.

4 – George Clooney / Omega Speedmaster


We perhaps shouldn’t be surprised to see the star of film called Money Monster wearing such an extravagant and luxurious timepiece and that’s exactly the situation with ultimate A-lister, George Clooney, rocking the wonderful Omega Speedmaster in this film all about the financial impropriety on Wall Street.

The Omega Speedmaster that Clooney is donning in Money Monster is the Yellow Gold Moonwatch Professional and, if you know your watches, you’ll know that this isn’t a timepiece which is still available to buy but it is definitely one of the most visual striking timepieces to have emerged from the Swiss watchmakers. It’s exactly the sort of watch that you’d expect to see on a Wall Street stockbroker and that’s why it is such a well chosen prop for the recently released movie, Money Monster.

Omega are a watchmaker synonymous with luxury and George Clooney plays a character who deals in wealth so it’s the sort of watch that he’d be wearing and both the watch and the movie are high on our wishlists here at Manhattan Time Service.

5 – Jake Gyllenhaal / Breitling Chronomat


Few performances over the last few years have been as impressive (and terrifying) as Jake Gyllenhaal’s turn in the Nightcrawler movie. But, truth be told, we were just as interested in the watch that he was wearing throughout – the wonderfully retro Breitling Chronomat that was somewhat of a scene stealer whenever it showed up on screen.

Breitling are a watchmakers that have an enduring popularity and they are regularly spotted in television and film so it came as no surprise to see Gyllenhaal sporting one in Nightcrawler but the vintage nature of the timepiece really sees it stand out from the crowd. The movie itself, albeit fairly disturbing in nature, is a fine example of the acting skills of Gyllenhaal and he finds the perfect wristwatch ally with the Breitling Chronomat.

As mentioned, we’ve always got our timepiece-loving hat on when watching movies and we were pleased to clock this glorious timepiece from Breitling in what has been one of the best and most talked about movies of the last few years.

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