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Is This The Wristwatch Of The Future

As we are, of course, heavily involved in the world of watches, and have been for decades, here at Manhattan Time Service, it stands to reason that our minds will wander from time to time and think about what watches might look like in the future.


In our time as watch repair specialists in New York, we really have encountered more or less every type of timepiece that you can think of and it is a great pleasure of ours to breath new life into damaged watches in need of repair. But what might the watches look like that come through our doors in five, ten, twenty years time? A good question. One that Geneva based 3D artist and designer, Germain Baillot, may just have answered with his phenomenally stylish looking concept design that completely reinvents the aesthetics of the every day watch.

Out of this World Design

Germain Baillot is clearly a talented designer and whilst his vision for the future of watches won’t be up everyone’s street, his concept design has certainly got us thinking here at Manhattan Time Service and it is probably one of the biggest departures away from so-called conventional design that we’ve encountered.



The concept watch from Germain Baillot that aims to predict what watches might look like in the future is clearly somewhat of a departure from the norms of classical watch design but there’s nothing wrong with daring to be different and that is something that can definitely be levelled at this extraordinary piece of watch design.

Future Proof

The most notable design feature of Baillot’s concept watch is the adjustable dial which can be amended depending on which part of the world that you currently find yourself in. Whilst this in itself isn’t something unprecedented for timepieces, the way in which it has been presented here certainly is and it would unquestionably add a touch of tangible joy to the travelling experience to set your watch whenever you land in a new country.


With an unmistakable aerodynamic influence to the design features of this concept watch from Germain Baillot, you’ll likely appreciate it more if you’re of an aviation mindset, which we certainly are at Manhattan Time Service and the striking aeroplane engine looking dial is something that will immediately draw the eye of all who see it.

Watches are designed a certain way for a reason and whilst it is possible to depart from these conventions when creating a concept watch, not all of these features will come across so well if the watch were to make it to market necessarily. We’re big fans of the visual impact of the watch, for example, but how it would sit on the wrist might well cause an issue for the wearer. If you more a style over comfort sort of guy then that might not be an issue!

Unusual Cool

The visual punch of this concept timepiece from Germain Baillot is unparalleled and if you’re the type of man that likes to really turn heads with their choice of timepiece then you really need look no further. Stylish and bold, it is unquestionably the sort of timepiece we’d be interested in working on in the future here at Manhattan Time Service and whilst it has some features that won’t appeal to everyone, it has got plenty of other redeeming ones that are simply too good to be ignored.


With a love of watches as large as ours, it’s inevitable that we hold a massive interest in what the future holds for watch design. Whilst smartwatches are surely here to stay, it seems unlikely that the traditional timepieces that we all know and love will be going anywhere soon. Whilst Baillot’s concept watch is by no means what watches will look like in the future, it is an interesting design to say the least and one that we’d certainly like see come to fruition at Manhattan Time Service.

Whatever the future holds for watch design and craftsmanship, you can rest assured that we’ll always be here ready and waiting to fix timepieces of all shapes and sizes. Our limitless love of watches makes it something that we’re always going to be interested in and whether or not Germain Baillot’s design is how timepieces will appear in ten or twenty years time, we know that we’re going to love repairing and looking after them all the same.

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