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10 Jul

Vacheron Reveals Most Complicated Pocket Watch

Vacheron Constantin pocket watch, 57260

The brand celebrates 260 years.

To celebrate its 260th anniversary this month, Vacheron Constantin has unveiled the most complicated pocket watch ever created, which it has developed over eight years using a team of three Master Watchmakers.

This extraordinary double-dial horological masterpiece (ref: 57260) is an entirely original creation, with a total of 57 complications of which several are new to the world of watchmaking.


The new complications include multiple calendars and a double retrograde rattrapante chronograph, which hadn’t previously existed so had to be calculated, designed and developed from scratch. This has led to the creation of a new and highly complex calibre movement.

Vacheron Constantin pocket watch, 57260


The Hebraic Perpetual Calendar is a new complication which serves as a fine example of contemporary watchmaking genius. Mathematical calculations, combining both the lunar months and solar year, have been transcribed into one operational mechanism that is elegant, logical and easy-to-read. Due to the long-term changing cycles of the Hebraic calendar and its difference to the Georgian calendar, the making of a complete functioning mechanical Hebraic perpetual calendar in a watch has been impossible until now.

The Double Retrograde “Rattrapante” Chronograph is also completely new to the world of watchmaking, this watch being the first ever to be made featuring a rattrapante chronograph with double retrograde action. This new chronograph is read by the user in the same way as a split-seconds chronograph, but whilst both hands still work in unison and from the same axis, unlike all other split-seconds chronographs, the two hands never actually meet but operate on two separate scales on opposing sides of the dial. The new function can be described as a “detached” split-seconds chronograph and to create this a new chronograph mechanism had to be invented.

Another watchmaking first is the 12-hour second time zone dial with separate day and night indicator window, which is located in the 10 o’clock position. The second time zone is used in conjunction with the digitally displayed world-time function, which gives a choice of 24 cities and countries and their respective time deviations from GMT. This new world-time mechanism and display is the first new system to be developed since Louis Cottier’s well-known world-time system with 24-hour indication in around 1935.

To discover more about this exciting innovation in watchmaking, visit the new 57260 website at

To find out more about the incredible world of Vacheron Constantin watchmaking, explore our page of expert Vacheron Constantin watchmakers>


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