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Servicing Your Omega Watch

Omega servicing before

Once you invest in an Omega watch, it’s important you service it regularly to ensure the movement and parts are working efficiently and the watch maintains all its functionality. We recommend a complete servicing and overhaul about every 2-3 years on the older mechanical models (automatic and self-winding), 3-4 years on the newer ones and for quartz about every 5 years. A vintage Omega Speedmaster is pictured before (above) and after (below).

Omega servicing after

You can bring your Omega watch in store or post it to us and we will take a look at the watch, using software from Omega to check which parts would be needed for the specific model, based on this we can then get a quote for the watch.

A standard full service and overhaul takes 2-3 weeks, but if you’re looking for just one element to be serviced then this can happen within the week or even the same day, if you opt for our express battery change service.

Once we look at the watch, we will provide an estimate free of charge. We use Omega software to check which parts are needed for the specific model of the watch and based on this we can give you an accurate quote. A standard full service and overhaul takes 2-3 weeks.

We have 5 key service offerings, which I’ve outlined below.


Omega movement overhaul

For the movement overhaul, we first take apart the movement and separate each part into individual trays. We then put the individual parts into a cleaning machine, with different solutions to get rid of the old oils or dust. Once the parts have been cleaned, we then re-grease with the oils specific to that part.

cleaning an Omega movement

TIP: How the watch works depends very much on how the movement is cleaned, oiled and assembled so make sure you go to a reputable watchmaker for the servicing.

servicing an Omega watch movement

Once the parts have all been cleaned, we then change those which have been worn out the most (the main spring and reverser wheel, for example). We will only use Omega replacement parts to preserve the value. We then re-assemble the watch and test it for 7 days, with special testing machines that simulate the motion of the wearer’s wrist. This is a strain test which rotates continuously, at all possible angles, for 7 days/24 hours a day. This ensures the oil gets a chance to even out in the jewel caps.

Your watch is like a brand new engine and we give it a testing/breaking in period, if the watch has a chronograph we will also run this. It puts more strain on the movement, so ensures the watch is tested to full capacity.


Replacing the crystal on an Omega watch

If it’s required, or the customer wants it, we remove the old crystal and replace it with new. We have special keys to open up each Omega model, there are also keys to both push out the old crystal and push in the new crystal.

Omega crystal replacement

We will then replace the crystal gasket to make sure it stays in place and is water resistant. After we change the crystal we have pressure testing machines, to make sure that the watch is water resistant.


restoring an Omega case and bracelet, before

There are a few separate components involved in restoring the case and bracelet: the bezel, case back and bracelet and these parts all need to be restored separately. Restoring the case and bracelet before (pictured above) and after (pictured below).restoring an Omega watch bracelet

We use different machines, pastes and polisher in order to achieve the correct finish on each part. You have to be very precise, not to take off too much material, particularly if the watch is badly scratched or damaged.

After this, we clean all the parts with an ultra sonic cleaner to get rid of the soap solution. We steam everything afterwards and then dry it all, to ensure there’s no moisture left on the inside of the case before re-assembling it.


Omega band replacement

Good quality straps usually last between 2-3 years. When your wrist starts to itch, you know it’s time to change the band!

We can replace your band with an original Omega strap or we have our own bands available to buy too, ranging from crocodile, alligator, sting ray, rubber or genuine vintage leather. We have bands ranging from $40 to $400. Browse out range of watch bands HERE>

Omega strap replacement

TIP: To take care of the band avoid contact with any chemicals, which includes soap when washing your hands. Leather is subjected to UV rays from the sun, which over time can cause damage to the skin. You can use a protector/coating to help protect the strap from sun damage, but ensure it’s one designed for high quality leather.


Omega dial restoration before

We offer this service along with the movement overhaul, which usually takes around 4-5 weeks, depending on the work required. A dial is pictured before (above) and after (below).

Omega dial restoration after

We are able to restore almost any Omega dial to factory condition. First off, we remove the index markers, then clean the surface of the dial, reapply the paint and restore each of the markers individually. When we apply them back to the dial, the legs of the index markers are glued from the inside so you don’t see any imperfections on the outer part of the shell.

Omega servicing


omega battery replacement

For quartz watches, we recommend getting the watch serviced about every 5 years, which includes changing the battery. We use batteries that are high capacity, so they don’t leak or corrode the movement and at the same time we change the back gasket. After we change the battery, we test the circuit with a specific machine to see how much power it drains from the battery.

Battery change usually takes around a day, we keep it over night and test to see that the circuit consumption level is correct. We can also clean the case and strap, which is included in the service.

EXPRESS BATTERY SERVICE: If you’re in a rush, we offer an express battery change service which takes about half an hour. Please ask in store or online for details.

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