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Pinion Revival 1969 Watch

The UK isn’t overly well-known for the quality of our watchmakers, bowing as the rest of the planet typically does, to Switzerland’s superior prowess. That isn’t to say, however, that Great Britain doesn’t have a selection of fine watchmakers – both old and new – and it’s one of the new British watchmakers that we’re focusing on here. The watch in question is the Pinion Revival 1969 Watch and, quite frankly, it’s nothing short of miraculous – aesthetically and in terms of materials used in its construction.


Pinion are a watchmaker that operate out of the Oxfordshire countryside in the UK and whilst they’re relative newcomers to the world of watch making – having only being formed as recently as 2013 – they’ve wasted absolutely zero time in already carving out a mighty impressive niche for themselves with some decidedly striking timepieces, of which the Revival 1969 is probably our favorite here at Manhattan Time Service.

UK Precision

Pinion were founder by British designer Piers Berry who was responsible for creating the fledgling collections of this wonderfully refreshing UK based watchmaker who, reassuringly, uses Swiss made movements in their timepieces. The Revival 1969 Watch from Pinion instantly stands out from the crowd courtesy of its bold aesthetics but it is so much more than just a looker – this is one watch that performs too.



The Revival 1969 Watch from Pinion represents their first foray into the world of chronograph timepieces and, as you can plainly see, they’re off to a spectacularly impressive start from both a visual and performance perspective. This magnificent looking wrist watch, which is limited to just 100 pieces, is going to really resonate with the automotive minded due to various design features that it boasts and the backstory to what is one of the most attractive watches we’ve seen in some time here at Manhattan Time Service.

Eye-Opening Features

Billed as a modern re-imagining of the possibilities for the legendary Valjoux 7734 hand-wound movement, the Pinion Revival 1969 Watch permits those lucky enough to get their hands on one to see time on both sides of the dial which, we can all agree, is a pretty cool feature to say the least.


With a great tag-line of “Born in Switzerland, Raised in England”, the Pinion Revival 1969 Watch really does strike a chord with us at Manhattan Time Service and the incredible feature of being able to read time on both sides of the dial is certainly not something you see every day in the world of horology.

On the back-side of the dial and on full display through the visually glorious grey smoked glass exhibition case-back, you are treated to the chance to see time as it was measured in the past, in the form of a breathtakingly cool NOS Valjoux 7734 hand-wound movement from 1969. Such an impressive feature and one of the many reasons that we’re bowled over by this timepiece from UK watchmakers, Pinion.

Made to Last

The hand-wound Valjoux 7734 movement used within the Revival 1969 watch is renowned for its impressive ruggedness and durability and you know that if you manage to get one of the 100 of these supremely stylish watches that have been created, it’s going to last a lifetime.

For the added touch of vintage appeal and authenticity, all of the Valjoux 7734 movements that are used in these watches were physically made in 1969 – they were just never put into a timepiece – and, as luck would have it, they’ve now got one of the coolest homes imaginable in the form of these 1969 Revival watches from Pinion.


A watch is, typically speaking, only as good as the components that have been used in its in construction and, we’re pleased to report, the 1969 Revival from Pinion positively excels in this department too. Just a few of the most stand out features of this phenomenally well-crafted watch include:

  • – Valjoux 7734 (1969 New Old Stock), Glycodur balance
  • – 17 Jewels
  • – 45 Hour Power Reserve
  • – 100m Water Resistance
  • – INCABLOC Shock Resistance
  • – Sapphire Crystal Glass, convex with anti-reflective coating on inside

These are just a handful of the incredible features and materials to be found with this spectacularly well made watch and you’ll be hard pressed to find one that looks or performs better than the Pinion 1969 Revival. It is the hand-wound chronograph feature of the watch that really puts it on a pedestal for us at Manhattan Time Service because this form of movement requires a large degree of human interaction which is great because, after all, watches are there to be enjoyed.

A one in a million watch that will make waves on both sides of the Atlantic. As we said, it’s an extremely limited release – with just 100 having been made – so if this is the sort of watch that you’re desperate to get on your wrist then you’ll need to move quick. Vintage design coupled with first class craftsmanship combine to make this a must-have in our humble opinion.

Price: $6,000 Appx.

Available: Pinion Watches

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