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Omega Speedy Tuesday #speedytuesday Limited Edition Timepiece

Swiss watchmaking is filled with exceptional brands, steeped in tradition but definitely warranting a place at the top table is Omega who are one of the world’s most recognizable and respected watchmakers – and with good reason.

speedy tuesday

So, whenever this iconic Swiss watchmaker releases a limited edition timepiece onto the market, it is fair to say that excitement is always high in horological circles and when the timepiece in question is as extraordinary as the Omega Speedy Tuesday watch then the excitement levels positively go through the roof.

Reach for the Stars

There is a mighty impressive, not to mention out of this world, backstory to the gloriously well made Omega Speedy Tuesday Watch – which as the name alludes to, is based on their Speedmaster series of watches – and it is one that any lover of space travel is going to want to sit up and take notice of.

omega 2

The “Speedy Tuesday” draws design inspiration from the original 1978 “Speedmaster Alaska III” model. And why is this relevant to lovers of all things space travel? Because this is the very timepiece that was made for NASA, who demanded on a watch that was not only anti-reflective but also easy-to-read in outer space. And, because of this very fact, the Omega Speedy Tuesday Watch has remained true to these roots and traditions of design and has included a brushed matte-finish stainless steel case along with highly legible radial subdials with enlarged numerals.

omega 3

Omega are a watchmaker with a rich tradition and heritage in the world of Swiss watches and whenever a limited edition timepiece emerges from their workshop, it goes without saying that the demand will be incredibly high and so it is likely to prove once again with the aesthetically superior Speedy Tuesday timepiece. Limited to a mere 2012 pieces, this is the sort of watch that you’ll need to act fast with if you want to get one of these gloriously stylish timepiece from Omega on your wrist.

Quality Shines Through

As you would expect from a watch from Omega, particularly a limited edition one, the components, materials and craftsmanship of the Speedy Tuesday timepiece are all second to none and will make this a quality addition to any luxury watch line. Starting with the most important element, the mechanism, this first class watch doesn’t disappoint here and boasts a hand-wound calibre 1861 mechanism, which is all the more impressive because it is more or less the same movement that was used to power the watches worn by NASA’s astronauts when they found themselves on the surface of the moon.

Each one of these 2012 Omega Speedy Tuesday watches are made with a high-grade rhodium-plated finish, and this is something that is relevant because it represents an important step in the evolution of Omega’s Speedmaster collection of watches and showcases the quality of the materials used in the construction.

omega 4

If you’re a fan of the Speedmaster series from Omega, or even have one within your own collection, then the Speedy Tuesday will definitely make for a worthy addition to it and delivers not just impeccable style but also serves as an investment given that only just over 2000 of these watches will be made and this level of exclusivity means that it is likely to hold its value well.

Excellent features abound with the Speedy Tuesday watch from Omega and one that stands out most to us here at Manhattan Time Service is the reverse “panda” dial that was first seen in 1966. This stunning piece of design boasts white Opaline-silvery sub-dials which are set against the backdrop of a black dial, with this being surround by a bezel ring and tachymeter scale in matte-black aluminum – a most striking addition to the timepiece indeed.

Neat Touches

It is the subtle little touches and neat design features that truly set the Omega Speedy Tuesday timepiece apart and for any man after a luxurious, understated and impeccably crafted watch for their wrist in 2017, this will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes. Just a few of the more eye-catching features that stood out to us here at Manhattan Time Service Omega certified workshop include the fact the Speedy Tuesday offers a domed hesalite crystal with a central OMEGA logo, a luxurious brown leather strap with vintage cut and stitching and an extremely striking and iconic seahorse emblem on the case-back.

omega 5

As this is a limited edition offering from Omega you won’t be surprised to hear that they have gone all out with the presentation of the Speedy Tuesday and each timepiece is presented in a special leather watch roll which contains an additional strap – a super cool black and white NATO one with #SpeedyTuesday engraved on the strap’s loop – and the leather roll also offers a strap changing tool so you can alternate between the different straps whenever you would like.

Omega are a watchmaker on the very top of their game and it is watches like this limited edition Speedy Tuesday that reinforce this fact so well. It is due for release around summer of this year and is likely to cost around $5000 so it’s time to start saving.

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