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Watch Battery Replacement Near Me in New York

Replacing a watch battery in any watch is not as simple as you might think. Undoubtedly, it's a real inconvenience when your watch runs out of battery. You rely on it so much without even thinking about it, so you are certain to miss it considerably if you are without it for even a short while. It may be tempting, therefore, to go to a store where you think the turnaround time will be quick; where perhaps the new battery can even be fitted while you wait. However, it is worth considering how much care and attention they will pay to your potentially valuable watch if you have opted for a service based on speed alone. At Manhattan Time Services, we may take a little longer, but you'll find our battery replacement service pays out dividends in the end. By carrying out the necessary check-ups, you'll even find we can help your battery last longer in future.

Manhattan Time Service is equipped with the tools, apparatus, and experience required to repair, maintain, and replace any watch battery, as well as provide the necessary checkups to ensure that your battery lives up to its fullest potential.


A worn-out, or broken battery should be replaced immediately so that potential leakage and consequent damage to the movement of the second and minute hands is reduced. When it comes to noticeably slowing batteries, quick replacement is vital.

Watch batteries have the capacity to power your watch for roughly two to five years, depending on the make, the size of the watch, and the different features that the watch offers that require battery-based energy to regularly function. For example, if a seconds hand begins to move in 4-second steps, the battery should be changed by a Qualified Technician.

This can happen to your watch!


Battery operating watch users might think that battery replacement is a quick fix, but in actuality Tag heuer battery replacement procedure is far more complex.

The full battery replacement service procedure includes:
  1. Separation of the moving parts from the case.
  2. Exchanging all worn-out gaskets (O-rings) because they have a tendency to deteriorate separately due to factors such as UV rays and chlorine exposure.
  3. The old, weakened battery is replaced with a new leak-proof button-type silver oxide battery cell.
  4. This is followed by a series of tests to check for movement consumption, coil resistance and pulse generation.
  5. nbsp;To ensure maximum ease of use with your newly energized watch the case and the metal bracelet are cleaned in our ultrasound machine, and steamed under high pressure to eliminate any debris or grime.
  6. Once the cleaning and coil checks are complete the moving parts are placed securely inside the watch case.
  7. The replacement is finally concluded by a water resistance test using a pressurized tank and electronic leakage detector.

Where to Change a Watch Battery?

That will depend on your current location and other factors, such as the type of watch you own and the built-in features it includes. For instance if your watch is water resistant you want to make sure that the watchmaking workshop you visit possesses the necessary equipment and tools to fully test your watch for water resistance, notice I mention watchmaking workshop not a jewelry store, as watchmakers specialize in repairing watches and jewelers in repairing jewelry. Call ahead and ask, it doesn’t hurt and might save you a headache in the future.

To the point, where to change a watch battery if you are in New York? Yours truly, our watch battery service consists of changing the battery, replacement of the gaskets and O-rings, water pressure te3sting in a Greiner Vibrograf WPL 310 wet pressure tester, Sigma SM-8810 Dry water resistance tester, and if your watch needs to meet specific diving requirements we have a high pressure tester Diver 125 (125 bars max / 1812 PSI / 123 ATM’s or 1270 Meters. Additionally our express watch battery service includes movement testing and exterior cleaning.

Expert Master Craftsmen Can Prolong Your Watch Life

If you have noticed your watch slowing down and failing to keep good time, or stopping altogether, the culprit could be the battery. It could be time to have it checked. This is because there is very little that can cause more damage to your timepiece than if it is suffering from watch battery leakage, which can cause irreparable damage to the movement of the second and minute hands, as well as the delicate mechanisms inside. Alternatively, perhaps you have received a new watch and are unlikely to be wearing your existing watch for a while? Again, it is a good idea to have the battery removed to prevent corrosion in future. Bring your watch to us: we are a specialist watch repair company that prides itself on providing a full battery replacement for watches service, among a range of other services dedicated to helping you keep time.

Our full watch repair and battery replacement service includes elements you may not even have thought about, but once you realize what good sense they make, you'll never trust a lesser company with your watch again. For example, our service includes changing all the worn out gaskets, which have a tendency to deteriorate separately due to factors such as UV rays and chlorine exposure. We'll ensure your new battery is the most up-to-date, leak-proof button-type silver oxide battery cell. We'll then carry out a series of tests to ensure your watch keeps time and which will prolong the life of your new battery, as well as a full steam clean to get it looking as good as new. Finally, we put all the pieces back together and carry out one final check to make certain the watch is as waterproof as it promises to be. Your watch will look and operate as if brand new.

As a family-run business in operation for many years now, it's our pleasure to help you. Based in New York, we have scores of satisfied customers who return to our store time and again; and we love to welcome our customers at 2 West 46th Street, Suite 308, New York, NY 10036. We are open from 10.00am to 6.00pm EST, Monday through Friday. However, if you don't live in the area, don't worry. We also provide services to people across the US and beyond. You can contact us by phone on 1-212-840-0441 or email us at There is also a contact form on our website. For all needs related to watches, from buying a new or pre-loved model to complex repairs; or if you are simply looking for a watch battery replacement or service of your beloved timepiece, don't look any further than Manhattan Time Services. We know you will not be disappointed.

Additional Information

There is a bewildering array of watches available on the market nowadays. Watches are complex, can be too expensive and some have functions you cannot even imagine using. If you are purchasing a new watch, there are some questions to ask yourself that will help narrow down the field to manageable proportions.

At Manhattan Time Service we are backed up by over 33 years of experience superior skills and qualified professional staff who can repair, service and restore all kinds of sophisticated watches. Our workshop offers an optimal infrastructure and is equipped with the latest tools and apparatus required to carry out the work and the necessary procedures in a professional manner.