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  • A+ Rating by Better Business Bureaus
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our certifications

  • Certificate of completing the Swatch Group Service Provider Training by Mitchell Lodowski
  • Member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors certificate
  • Mitchell Lodowski certificate of completing the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Our happy customer

    I have an extensive collection of fine watches, including minute repeaters, tourbillions, perpetual calendars and various astrological complications. For many years my timepieces, that required service, were returned to the factories in Switzerland...Read more
    Dr. Robert H. Greenspan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Prior to the holidays, I brought in a Vintage 14K gold Omega bracelet watch that had stopped running. You were successful in locating the broken part, replacing it, cleaning it, and fixing it...Read more
    Mary C.

Michele Watch Repair, Battery Change & Watch Bands in NYC

Service Recommendations for Michele Watches

It is highly recommended to have your Michele luxury watch serviced every 18 months to two years in order to ensure its long use and care-free operation. Your finely tuned timepiece is a complex integration of parts and components assembled by skilled craftsmen. There are particular actions and environmental situations that may damage or impede your timepiece’s ability to perform optimally, and among them are: extreme heat or cold, prolonged periods of exposure to direct sunlight, and exposure to wet conditions that exceed your timepiece’s water rating. Never operate any of the function buttons or crown when the timepiece is in contact with water, and always avoid extreme shock or impact.

Our Expertise at Fixing Michele Watches

At Manhattan Time Service, we have a modern workshop with the optimal infrastructure and qualified, professional staff who can repair, service and restore all types of high-grade watches, from modern to vintage watches. Additionally, our staff benefits from continuous training in order to maintain and improve the level of service we can offer our customers.

Services We Provide for Michele Watches

  • Complete Service \ OH
  • Replace any faulty watch parts (if available)
  • Check whether the watch parts function correctly
  • Check for rust or wear
  • Assemble and lubricate the movement in accordance with the instructions
  • Movement functioning check
  • Calibration of the mechanism
  • Demagnetize the movement, if needed
  • Crystal Replacement (if available)
  • Hands Replacement (if available)
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Stem and crown replacement (if available)
  • Dial replacement or refinishing (if available)
  • Ultrasound cleaning of the case and bracelet
  • Watchbands & Strap Replacements
  • Polishing
  • Pressure test to factory specifications

Michele Models We Repair

  • Michele Caber
  • Michele Ceramic
  • Michele Coral
  • Michele CSX series
  • Michele Deco
  • Michele Garden Party
  • Michele Jetway
  • Michele MW2 Mini
  • Michele Tahitian Jelly Beans
  • Michele Urban
  • Michele Sport Sail

Historical Info

In Belgium in the 1940s, Maurice Barouh decided to start his own watch company. He was quickly succeeded by his son Jack, who branded the line of watches started by his father as Michele Watches, naming the brand after his daughter. Maurice founded the line of watches on his own obsession with style, craftsmanship and quality, and the Michele line has carried on the tradition and fortified it with each family member’s strengths. This is how Michele came to be one of the most highly coveted fashion accessories in the latter half of the 20th century. With their exceptional creativity and durability, Michele watches have long been regarded as family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation.

Technological Advancements

Michele watches are known for their refined elegance mixed with unusual touches that reflect upscale, contemporary design. Three generations of the Barouh family have worked on producing lines of constantly evolving watch styles which feature affluent materials, rare gemstones and that appeal to anyone with an eye for originality and attitude. Michele is also notably famous for its meticulously balanced chronographs.

What Makes Michele Watches Unique

Michele watches are often associated with an elite class of women, making them admired worldwide for their refined elegance and astounding designs. Michele’s contemporary designs have been sought after for many generations for their universal style and appeal.

Recent Events

February 2010

Michele Watches releases the Tropical Paradise Collection, a fine line of three different watches, each based on a different animal featured in a scene set in the dial. Each new Michele watch in the Tropical Paradise Collection also comes fitted with a set of diamonds on the dial and a unique color-coordinated strap.