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Welcome to Manhattan Time Service's Reviews page, where we showcase real client reviews of our watch repair, watch battery replacement, cleaning and polishing services. Need help? Call1.866.969.9069 or visit our Contact Page

I have been bringing my watches to Manhattan Time for many years. I have recommended them to both family and friends because they do an outstanding job. The quality of their work is simply the best regardless of what you need, from complex restoration work to simple thing like a watch band replacement.

- Best Regards, Gary

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    Manhattan Time Service - Watch Store

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    Kathleen L.
    Tag Heuer for polishing and overhaul
    My 15 year old Tag Heuer watch looks brand new. Wonderful service and a fair price.
    13 Aug 2015
    Jason W.
    Rip Curl Watch - Fixed Dial Markers & Battery Change
    It's not easy finding a reliable, talented and trustworthy watch repair service. I'm extremely pleased by the care given to my watches, that may be only worth a couple of hundred bucks, but treated as if they were worth much more. Very fair prices as well. They just gained a new customer and fan.
    05 Aug 2015
    Havij K.
    Tag Heuer for restoration and overhaul
    It was my luck that my Tag Heuer is now perfectly okay. Mitchell was amazing, he knew how to repair my Tag Heuer, during a bike accident the rotating bezel on the top part of the watch got severely damaged :( it was beyond repair and I was totally shocked to see that Mitchell was able to repair it :) I was absolutely stunned by his efforts.
    19 Jul 2015
    Michael M.
    Efficient and professional.Excellent workmanship. On time delivery (although make sure you realize that Fed Ex will want a signature for insured deliveries. I was traveling and was not home for the delivery so watch bounced around with Fed Ex for few days. Not MTS fault..other than not mentioning Fed Ex's policies.
    13 Jul 2015
    H W.
    Concord Quartz for repair
    My Concord Quartz watch, which is dear to me because it was a special gift given to me in 1985 by my late husband. It is also a beautiful watch. When it suddenly stopped working, I took it to Tourneau, where he had purchase it and without much of a look, they quoted me an astronomical price range. I left them and began to do research to find a reputable watch repair place. Manhattan Time Service turned out to be just such a place. First they tried replacing the battery. When that didn't work, they kept it further for examination and ultimately replace the circuit board for one-third the price quoted by Tourneau. It is working perfectly now. I had a very positive experience and Jacob was friendly and helpful.
    24 Jun 2015

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