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Welcome to Manhattan Time Service's Reviews page, where we showcase real client reviews of our watch repair, watch battery replacement, cleaning and polishing services. Need help? Call1.866.969.9069 or visit our Contact Page

I have been bringing my watches to Manhattan Time for many years. I have recommended them to both family and friends because they do an outstanding job. The quality of their work is simply the best regardless of what you need, from complex restoration work to simple thing like a watch band replacement.

- Best Regards, Gary

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    Donna F.
    Rolex Date for repair including overhaul
    Sent my husband's Rolex Date in for a cleaning - he had owned for 10 years and never had it serviced. Jakub was amazing - the watch was returned to us this week (took 3 weeks for the repair which included a total overhaul of the watch) and it is PERFECT! They replaced all the worn parts, cleaned and polished the band and watch face and kept me informed all along the way as to the cost and timing. Very professional, quick and reliable! Would definitely use them again!
    29 Jan 2016
    Lord G.
    Vintage Cartier for cleaning and restoration
    Manhattan Time Service is a godsend! I have used there services twice for two vintage Cartier watches and they have been truly excellent. Owning antique watches can incur costly maintenance. My original quotes from Cartier were three times as much as MTS charged me. Where Cartier was to take upwards of 16 weeks while MTS repaired the inner mechanical workings of my watch, replaced the sapphire crystal, cleaned the watch dial and buffed the case all In two weeks. They are complete professionals and their work is flawless. Highly recommend!
    29 Jan 2016
    Eduardo R.
    Vintage Rolex Datejust for overhaul & cleaning
    Knowledgeable, fairly priced, responsive.I came into possession of a 1970 Rolex Datejust that needed serious cleaning and servicing. I brought it to Manhattan Time Service for a quote, which I received 2 days after leaving the watch (they need to open it, take it apart, and see what needs cleaning or replacement). I felt the estimate was fair given the amount of work the watch needed to be back in running condition, so I accepted. They gave me an estimate time for completion of the work and they delivered as promised. The watch looks awesome, I have been wearing it almost every day for about 2 months and it has been keeping time with a precision +/- 3 sec per day, which is amazing for such an old watch.Highly recommended.
    12 Nov 2015
    Ann M.
    Hermes for battery change
    After taking my Hermes watch into Hermes because the battery needed replacing, I was told by them that it "needed a new movement". As it is a quartz battery watch, I decided to take it to Manhattan Time Services to see what they said, and indeed all it required was a new battery. These people are experienced, fast and charge a fair price.
    09 Nov 2015
    Elizabeth C.
    Piaget and Rolex for cleaning
    Manhattan Time Services is the best. Not only are they professional with their watch know how but their security is top notch and you know they'll take care of your watch and fix it too. They follow up with an estimate and timing for fixing the watch and normally fix it before the date they give you. I have taken my Piaget and Rolex there for extensive 'rehab' and am so happy with the results as these were sentimental watches that I can now wear! I also take all my watches there every 2 years for a battery change. I would not go anywhere else.
    06 Nov 2015

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