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    I have an extensive collection of fine watches, including minute repeaters, tourbillions, perpetual calendars and various astrological complications. For many years my timepieces, that required service, were returned to the factories in Switzerland...Read more
    Dr. Robert H. Greenspan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Prior to the holidays, I brought in a Vintage 14K gold Omega bracelet watch that had stopped running. You were successful in locating the broken part, replacing it, cleaning it, and fixing it...Read more
    Mary C.

Watch Maintenance

To ensure a long lasting pleasure and performance of your time piece we have created a short and easy-to-understand guide.

  • Avoid dropping the watch.
  • Keep the watch in a cool, dry place, preferably a watch box.
  • Make sure the crown is secured before subjecting the watch to water.
  • Avoid high temperatures while wearing the watch.
  • To help preserve the ideal condition of a leather strap avoid contact with water, cosmetic products, prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Try to keep the watch away from perfumes and spirits.
  • Do not wear the watch while working out or undertaking heavy physical work.

Watch Servicing 

  • If you own an automatic or mechanical watch service is essential and recommend to be done every 3-5 years.
  • If you own a battery operating watch it is recommended for the battery to be replaced every 2 years to prevent the battery from leaking harmful acid and destroying the mechanism.
  • Water resistant or water proof models should have the seals inspected and replaced every 2 years to ensure that it is water proof.

IMPORTANT info about Your Watch

Automatic Watch also known as a self-winding watch is a mechanical watch whose mainspring is wound automatically by the nature of motion on the wearer’s wrist.

Manual Windup Watch unlike automatic watches have to be wound once a day. The wearer winds the mainspring by turning the crown on the side of the watch which causes the spring to gradually unwind. A fully wound mainspring will power the watch for 24 hours, although there are some watches with a 7 day power reserve or longer, which all depends on the quality and price of the watch.


  • Don’t place your automatic watch near a cell phone, speakers, radio, TV, etc… since those electronic devices create a strong magnetic field.
  • Avoid high temperature places, since automatic watches have jewels with oil inside which will dry out when subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Quartz Watch has a mechanism powered by a battery. The movement is called quartz because the battery works in combination with a quartz crystal. Electrical impulses from the battery are sent through a quartz crystal which vibrates over 32000 times per second.


  • Battery must be replaced every 2 years even if the watch is running to prevent the battery from leaking harmful acid and destroying the mechanism. 
  • Every third battery change the watch must be serviced to ensure the mechanical parts of the movement are well lubricated. 
  • Seals must be inspected and changed every 2 years to prevent the watch from taking in water and rusting the mechanism. 

Helpful Tips in Caring for Your Watch

Heed the following tips on how to best take care of your watch and you’ll sure to enjoy many years with your watch.

  • Magnetic fields: speakers and refrigerators have strong magnetic fields. Placing your watch on them could cause your watch to run erratically.
  • Bathing in the sea: the watch should be rinsed with fresh warm water after bathing.
  • Crown: the crown should be locked and screwed in carefully, making sure that water cannot seep in to the watch.
  • Cleaning: toothbrush, soap and water may be used to clean metal bracelets and water-resistant watches. Avoid using a dryer, only use a soft cloth.
  • Chemical products: keep the watch away from cosmetics, detergents, solvents and perfumes for they can create damage to some parts of the watch.
  • Temperature: avoid exposing the watch to temperatures over 60C or 140F or lower than 0C or 32F.