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  • Certificate of completing the Swatch Group Service Provider Training by Mitchell Lodowski
  • Member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors certificate
  • Mitchell Lodowski certificate of completing the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Our happy customer

    I have an extensive collection of fine watches, including minute repeaters, tourbillions, perpetual calendars and various astrological complications. For many years my timepieces, that required service, were returned to the factories in Switzerland...Read more
    Dr. Robert H. Greenspan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Prior to the holidays, I brought in a Vintage 14K gold Omega bracelet watch that had stopped running. You were successful in locating the broken part, replacing it, cleaning it, and fixing it...Read more
    Mary C.

Certified Jacob Jensen Watch Repair in NYC

Watches designed and manufactured by Jacob Jensen are considered to be among the most uniquely minimalistic yet fashionable timepieces ever made. With their clean, sleek lines and bold styling, Jacob Jensen watches suit virtually any wardrobe or occasion for both men and women. Your own Jacob Jensen is one-of-a-kind, and it deserves the exceptional maintenance and repair services available at Manhattan Time Service in NYC.

Manhattan Time Service technicians are equipped, trained, and qualified to perform the following integral services on Jacob Jensen watches:

  • Cosmetic enhancements to scratched, dull, or cracked exterior components, including precision polishing, buffing, and component replacement
  • Replacement of glass or plastic crystal that has been cracked or shattered; broken stem and crown; and exchange or replacement of leather watch bands (all genuine materials available)
  • Water pressure testing, O-ring replacement and watch battery replacement
  • Complete overhaul or replacement of dysfunctional components in mechanical and radio controlled Jacob Jensen Models

(If your Jacob Jensen timepiece requires service that we have not listed here, please contact Manhattan Time Service prior to sending your watch in for repair.)

Service Recommendations for Jacob Jensen Watches

Every Jacob Jensen watch requires regular maintenance to ensure its continued function and aesthetics. Your individual watch's ideal service requirements are contingent upon a few factors, including its age, the frequency with which you wear it, general home care, and how it is stored when not being worn. Once every four to five years, it is time to have your Jacob Jensen serviced by the technicians at Manhattan Time Service. Waiting longer between servicing appointments can result in unnecessary wear to the watch's internal mechanical components and, therefore, more costly repairs in the future.

Extensive Experience You Can Trust

At Manhattan Time Service, we believe that every Jacob Jensen watch owner deserves the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowledgeable, proven repair services. Our expert technicians and master watchmakers possess decades of experience in the repair, maintenance, and service of thousands of top watch brands, including all models produced by Jacob Jensen. Our conveniently located NYC watch repair shop services luxury timepieces from throughout New York, the entire United States, and internationally. With only the latest in industry technology and state-of-the-art equipment on-site, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your Jacob Jensen watch is in capable, precision-driven care.

Services We Provide for Jacob Jensen Watches

  • Complete Service / Movement Overhaul
  • Battery Change
  • Replacement of any faulty watch parts
  • Assemble and lubricate the movement in accordance with the technical documentation
  • Analyze whether the watch parts function correctly, checking for rust and wear
  • Movement accuracy check and calibration when needed
  • Glass replacement
  • Hand replacement
  • Demagnetization of the mechanism
  • Replacement of gaskets and seals
  • Replacement of stem and crown
  • Dial replacement or restoration
  • Watchbands or strap replacement
  • Ultrasound cleaning of the case and bracelet
  • Pressure testing to factory specifications
  • Exterior cosmetics, including polishing, buffing, and restoration

Jacob Jensen Watches We Repair and Service

ARC, Titanium, Round, Square, Clear, Dimension, Rectangular, Sapphire, New Series, Digital, Classic, Icon, Chronograph, Eclipse (We service all models, styles, and movements from the Jacob Jensen Collection)

Historical Information

Born in 1926 in Copenhagen, Denmark as the son of an upholsterer, Jacob Jensen has played his hand and creative intuition in a variety of fields, breaking boundaries and forging revolutionary pathways that were nearly always far ahead of his time. In January of 1958, he opened his very own studio – after years of striving to make his mark in the design world – and called it Jacob Jensen Design. Further innovations included advanced audio equipment such as amplifiers and loud speakers, transistor radios, telephones, office furniture, and even automobile designs. Jensen is now world renowned for his incredibly unique designs in jewelry, kitchen wares, household appliances, furniture, interior décor, and (naturally) luxury superior quality timepieces. His son, Timothy Jacob Jensen, now continues his father's legacy.