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our certifications

  • Certificate of completing the Swatch Group Service Provider Training by Mitchell Lodowski
  • Member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors certificate
  • Mitchell Lodowski certificate of completing the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Our happy customer

    I have an extensive collection of fine watches, including minute repeaters, tourbillions, perpetual calendars and various astrological complications. For many years my timepieces, that required service, were returned to the factories in Switzerland...Read more
    Dr. Robert H. Greenspan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Prior to the holidays, I brought in a Vintage 14K gold Omega bracelet watch that had stopped running. You were successful in locating the broken part, replacing it, cleaning it, and fixing it...Read more
    Mary C.

IWC Watch Repair, Servicing and Watch Bands in New York

Service Recommendations for IWC Watches

It is recommended that IWC watches receive periodic professional maintenance every three to five years and that its timepieces be subjected to water-resistance testing every one to two years, or with every battery change. Without periodic maintenance, luxury watches can run irregularly, or even stop. Normal wear and tear on a luxury watch can be worsened by the presence of dust, mechanical stresses or changes that might affect the oils in the timepiece.

Our Expertise at Fixing IWC Watches

Your IWC watch deserves the best possible care, and at Manhattan Time Service we pay close attention to every detail in your IWC timepiece. Our specific and highly-qualified workmanship is carried out by a small team of specialists who use the most up-to-date techniques and equipment in the industry. A series of refined tests are carried out and a detailed cost estimate is prepared free of charge before any work is ever completed. When a luxury watch is overhauled at our workshop, it is completely disassembled and each of its parts is placed in unique chemical solutions that dissolve dirt and dust, and that emulsify any dried-out oils. When the watch is reassembled, new oils are applied to lubricate its essential parts.

Services We Provide for IWC Watches

  • Complete Service \ OH
  • Replace any faulty watch parts (if available)
  • Check whether the watch parts function correctly, check for rust or wear
  • Assemble and lubricate the movement in accordance with the instructions
  • Movement functioning check
  • Calibration of the mechanism
  • Demagnetize the movement, if needed
  • Crystal Replacement (if available)
  • Hands Replacement (if available)
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Stem and crown replacement (if available)
  • Dial replacement or refinishing (if available)
  • Ultrasound cleaning of the case and bracelet
  • Watchbands & Strap Replacements
  • Polishing
  • Pressure test to factory specifications

IWC Models We Repair

  • IWC Portuguese
  • IWC Aquatimer Collection
  • IWC Da Vinci
  • IWC Pilot
  • IWC Spitfire
  • IWC Classic
  • IWC Top Gun
  • IWC Ingenieur Collection
  • IWC Portoino
  • Vintage Collection
  • IWC Schaffhausen
  • IWC Mark X Fliegeruhr

Historical Info

The International Watch Company (IWC) was founded on truly international terms. A young pioneering American engineer from Boston, Florentine Ariosto Jones, set out in 1868 to cross the Atlantic Ocean and found IWC in eastern Switzerland - in Schaffhausen, specifically. When IWC was started, it was the only major Swiss watch factory located in the eastern part of Switzerland, but that didn’t matter to Jones. He wanted to combine the craftsmanship of the Swiss watchmakers with modern American engineering technology, which produced the movements and watch parts for his American market. Jones capitalized on his factory’s proximity to Rhine Falls and used the energy of the river for his modern factory.

Technological Advancements

IWC’s obvious passion for outstanding inventions and technical refinements has always been the driving force behind their timepieces. IWC amazed the watchmaking industry when it created the first pocket watch with a digital display, and when the world was racing to produce a watch that could be worn on the wrist, IWC became the global leader in the production of wristwatches by 1899.

What Makes IWC Watches Unique

Although geographically remote, IWC built a worldwide reputation with original designs of classic simplicity and a contemporary nature. Their watch dials bear the inscription, “IWC Schaffhausen,” reminding everyone that all it takes is dedication and creativity to go against the traditional flow and have success wherever one chooses to do business.

Recent Events

December 13, 2010

IWC announced the release of its limited edition IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 2010, with several hundred parts and a perpetual calendar that literally counts the days in such a way that takes into account the subtle variations of days in each month. The perpetual calendar recognizes leap years and will not need adjustment until March 1, 2100 – and only because that year will be a secular year and not, as ruled by the Gregorian calendar, a leap year.