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Breitling History

The Breitling watch company was founded in 1884 in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland by Leon Breitling and to date is the world’s only major watch brand whose watches are equipped with chronometer-certified movement. The Breitling watch is the ultimate in regard to precision and reliability.

Breitling Company Timeline

By 1892 the renamed "Leon G. Breitling S.A. Montbrillant Watch Manufactory" was in full-scale operation with sixty employees. Leon Breitling died, in 1914, leaving the business to his son Gaston who began to focus on aviation and chronographs. During the 1930s, Brietling specialized in chronographs made for the cockpits of airplanes and these devices were used successfully by the armed forces, including the Royal Air Force, during World War II. In 1952, the Navitimer model watch was invented, which featured a circular slide rule. Approximately ten years later in 1961, Breitling collaborated with U.S. astronaut Scott Carpenter on a 24 hour version of the Navitimer, which was needed for space travel. The Chronomat model was introduced in 1984 and became the leading model in Breitling history and in 2009 Caliber 01 made it's debut with the best self-winding chronograph movement ever made. The Breitling company timeline is of extreme importance, in showing the importance of Breitling technology in the Horological industry.

Breitling Technology

Breitling produces ten main models, each having several different versions available. In addition, Breitling has a professional line of watches. The Breitling Emergency watch is a notable version in Breitling's professional watch category, that was the first watch to contain a miniature radio transmitter. In 2003 two British pilots were rescued after crashing their helicopter in Antarctica, when they activated the emergency transmitters in their Breitling watches.

Breitling is totally committed to the field of aviation and continues to work with the worlds top pilots. Breitling has earned its reputation as a leader in the field, producing well-built, high performance, water resistant time pieces, which can be depended on. All this, in addition to the clarity and readability of these watches, sets Breitling apart from all others. Breitling continues to manufacture luxury watches and is the last of the independent watch brands made in Switzerland. Every Breitling watch is certified by the Swiss official Chronometer Testing Institute, which is a guarantee of meticulousness and consistent dependability.