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Up Close with the Omega Triple Date Moon Phase Watch

It’s fair to say that when you’re looking for inimitable class and sophistication from your timepiece, Omega are a watchmaker that will be most men’s immediate port of call. This is especially true of their glorious vintage watches and we’re lucky enough to have got up close and personal with one of the very best of the bunch – the timelessly elegant Omega Triple Date Moon Phase Watch.

Vintage tripple date Omega Moon Phase closeup

Moon Phase Watches Explained

Moon phases are one of the most appealing complications that a luxury watch can boast from an aesthetics point of view and chances are you’re not going to find a more striking example of this in action than with this one in a million timepiece from Omega. It is a mighty impressive feature indeed to see a moon phase in action on today’s timepieces and when you witness it on a vintage offering like the Triple Date Moon Phase Watch from Omega, it truly is a sight to behold. omega moon phase The concept of moon phases watches is nothing new, of course, it is in fact rather old and it simply refers to the current phase of the moon as you see it in the sky which will coincide with the indicator on your watch. A lot of the world’s leading luxury watchmakers have collections with this sort of complication and it is an extremely popular feature amongst many men who love their watches. omega2

A Truly Classic Watch

We’re lucky to see some of the world’s most impressive timepieces in our workshop here at Manhattan Time Service but this Omega offering is unquestionably worthy of a place at the top table courtesy of its extraordinarily dapper design and vintage appeal. The craftsmanship of this moon phase triple date watch from Omega truly does set it apart from the crowd and you’ll find it difficult to discover a more stylish timepiece from the world renowned watchmaker. omega3 The components of this exceptional watch are in a league of their own and really is an honor to play a role in the restoration of such an iconic vintage wristwatch as this. The reason we get up in the morning is to go to work on such incredible watches and this one from Omega is one of the favourites that we’ve had in the workshop of late. Likely from around the 1950s, this vintage watch has an unparalleled visual appeal that immediately draws the eye and the retro appeal makes a real mark. We’re delighted with the finished condition of this superb timepiece from Omega here at Manhattan Time Service and for all you Omega lovers out there, you can take our word for it that this is one mighty impressive wristwatch.

All Hail Omega

Omega have been producing first rate watches since the mid-nineteenth century and we’ve seen plenty in our workshop over the years and we never cease to be impressed with the calibre of the workmanship and visual appeal of the watches from this incredible Swiss watchmaker. omega5 It is fair to say that Omega, as a watchmaker, have always found themselves on the cutting edge in terms of design, materials and features and when you come across a vintage timepiece like this Triple Date Moon Phase Watch, it really brings into stark focus just how and why the brand has become so popular over the last 150 years or so. Famed for their accuracy (hence why Omega are often used for measuring times at events like the Olympic Games), this Triple Date watch was running good as new when we’d finished up with it and we’re delighted to have given it the service that gave it that extra touch of class. Vintage Omega watches are amongst the most collectible on the market and it really is difficult to see why. We’re in the privileged position here at Manhattan Time Service to get our hands on all manner of vintage timepieces and those from Omega are always amongst our favorites. omega6 This watch in particular had some mighty impressive materials and features that we’ve all come to expect from watchmakers as accomplished as Omega and it makes servicing them such a rewarding experience. We love timepieces that have additional complications because it really gives us something to get stuck into when it comes to service and repair and this Omega Triple Date Moon Phase Watch really is as good as it gets. There are so many first rate collections of watches falling under the Omega umbrella such as the Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville and Moonphase watches and we’re always delighted when timepieces from this magnificent watchmaker make their way into our workshop.

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