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28 Jun

OMEGA announces new Beijing watch boutique

Omega watch boutique


Opening of OMEGA boutique in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

On June 12, 2014, OMEGA officially announced the opening of a new watch boutique in Beijing. To celebrate the official launch, OMEGA also announced that it would be running an exhibition entitled “A tale of Perfection” Co-Axial exhibition.

The boutique was opened in the Beijing Wangfujing Department store and President of OMEGA watches, Stephen Urquhart, and Wilson Yang, Vice President of OMEGA China, were there for the official launch.

OMEGA states that it wants the boutique to be a “watch palace”. The boutique will sell the complete range of OMEGA watches; the new store is aimed at watch connoisseurs, collectors and OMEGA enthusiasts.

Commenting in a press release, the President of OMEGA watches, Stephen Urquhart, said:

“As a brand with brilliant watchmaking tradition, OMEGA has always drawn inspiration from history and built the future based on its heritage. We know the new OMEGA boutique in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store will be a great place for aficionados to explore the world of OMEGA, letting all visitors fully appreciate over 165 years of the glorious history of OMEGA in the field of top watchmakers and the brilliant watchmaking tradition for centuries. ”

New OMEGA exhibition

Before the boutique was officially opened, Stephen Urquhart gave guests a tour of the new OMEGA watch exhibition. ‘A Tale of Perfection’ Co-Axial exhibition gives visitors an insight into the evolution of the OMEGA Co-Axial movement. OMEGA first launched the Co-axial movement in 1999 and the co-axial movement has continued to evolve with several models being released in recent years.

The exhibition features many watches from the OMEGA museum and also features some newer timepieces that use the Master Co-Axial calibres, which OMEGA describe as “ground-breaking”.

The OMEGA Co-Axial movement continues to be popular and the most recent launch was the Master Co-Axial Calibre in 2014.

Visitors to the Beijing boutique will be able to see the new exhibition until Jun 22, 2014.

Mr. Wu Xiubo at the official opening of the OMEGA Boutique in BeijingFamous actor Mr. Wu Xiubo at the official opening of the OMEGA Boutique in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store. OmegaCo-axial excapement exhibition OMEGA is presenting “A Tale of Perfection” Co-Axial Exhibition, revealing an innovation that has revolutionized mechanical watchmaking in recent decades.


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