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Behold the long-awaited Apple iWatch

Look, Learn and Listen: The Apple Watch is an Evolutionary Experience

Introducing the Apple Watch from the stable that boasts so many design classics in the realms of technology. The design certainly has the look and potential of being the watch of the future. It’s a wristwatch that’s capable of accomplishing so many things and as a bonus, it can even tell the time.

The newly launched Apple Watch can make mobile payments; behave like a smart phone, be used as a walkie-talkie or as a remote control for your flat screen TV. With Apple’s impressive track record, you have to wonder why it took so long for the tech giant to bring out a smart-watch, lagging months behind rivals and whether their offering match up to the Motorola Moto 360?

Layers of Tactile Control

The innovative screen responds to wrist movement and there is a product specific interface, both of which are essential for a product of this compact size. But the bespoke design elements don’t end there. The screen display itself boasts an extremely durable Retina Display with Sapphire glass and its new technology is capable of differentiating between tapping and pressing, giving layers of tactile control that users are bound to enjoy. It’s also a decent enough size – 1.5-inch or 1.65-inch with the Sport Collection sporting an extra strong Ion-X glass screen!

That Very Personal Touch

The watch face can be personalized for styling and function, rendering it as individual as the wearer. As you might expect, there are a range of straps to suit different lifestyles and uses. The watch comes in 2 sizes which is a nice touch. There are three collections – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, with casings in custom-made stainless steel, anodized aluminum and 18 carat gold, respectively.

One nice feature is the fact the watch boasts replaceable straps which use a pretty clever system that integrates the strap of choice into the body of the watch.

apple iwatch watch band replacement

Why You Might be Tempted

In a world where apps rule – Apple rules. There are apps galore here and enough serious technology that allows for: Messaging, Email, Phone, Walkie-Talkie, Bluetooth, the Activity App, Record and Send your heartbeat, Workout monitor, Apple Pay, Passbook (for secure personal data storage), Maps, Music, Camera, Stocks, Apple TV control, Weather, and all the usual goodies you’ve come to associate with the Apple brand. It also interacts with an iPhone, which begs the question …. is it a “breakout product” or just another neat accessory?

List of Applications

main-application-screenMain Application Overview
analog-timeAnalog Time
social-mediaSocial Media
business-feedbackBusiness Feedback
air-travelAir Travel
call-applicationCall App
contactsPhone Book
current-moon-phaseMoon Phase
message-expressionsMessage Expressions
solar-system-mapSolar System Map
city-travelCity Travel

The watch uses a custom OS, which – as yet – not many people have had the pleasure of trying out. Rumor has it the watch is a lot more hands-on than its Android rivals. When it comes to power, Apple have opted for a custom S1 chip that’s encased in resin but not much is actually known about the “innards” other than that. As for connectivity, the Watch uses Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, supporting Apple Pay which allows users to make mobile payments via their watches.

What Might Hold You Back

For those who are drawn to the Apple Watch it’s highly probable that they’re already aficionados of the brand. True, the “Watch” is a genuine step forward in miniaturized technology, but the device requires that users already own – or are willing to purchase – a compatible iPhone in order to carry out several attractive tasks. If you’re new to Apple products, that could be considered a “big ask”, but from a retailing viewpoint, it’s a stroke of genius on the part of Apple and a real marketing coup for the tech giant.

Not much is known about the battery size either which when all is said and done has to be one of the key bits of info most users would like to know. Again, rumors abound some of which have been sourced officially and others not. For the moment, it’s thought a nightly charge could be in order which is yet another disappointing factor to consider. Still, it’s worth remembering there’s not a smart watch out there that does not require a daily charge ñ as yet!apple iwatch inductive charging

And That Other Apple Thing…

You’ll notice the thorny issue of price has thus far been neatly avoided. That’s because, while the US starting price of $349 (for the basic model) has been set, the magic numbers for the UK and the rest of Europe/world have yet to be announced. However, if you’re an Apple fan to the core, money is unlikely to be a barrier.

A Little Tech Data

The Apple Watch contains an Apple S1 processor and iOS-based architecture. The flexible Retina Display screen is available as either 38 or 42 mm thick and made from a single sapphire crystal. Screen size – 1.5-inch or 1.65-inch
The device includes a Taptic Engine and speaker, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor and barometer.

Approximate Dimensions

ï 38 mm: 38 ◊ 32.4 ◊12.6 mm (1.50 ◊ 1.28 ◊ 0.50 -inch) (17.1 mL)
ï 42 mm: 42 ◊ 36.4 ◊12.6 mm (1.65 ◊ 1.43 ◊ 0.50 -inch) (19.3 mL)

Other Useful Data

There’s a choice of straps available namely rugged stainless steel, classy leather and Fluoroelastomer plastic which come in a variety of colors.

apple iwatch models

The Apple Watch is compatible with iOS 8 running on: iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

So What’s the Verdict?

In truth, it’s a little too early to give an honest verdict because of all the “unknowns” associated with the Apple Watch. With the Moto 360 topping the list as the most popular smartwatch around, early conclusions point to the fact that the Moto is not as advanced as it claims to be. If Apple has got the battery life right on their offering, it could prove the deciding factor as to whether users would prefer to wear an Apple Watch on their wrists or not.

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