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24 Jun

Taking a Look at the new IWC Pilot Watch Collection


Pilot watches are something which we’ve got a lot of time for (if you’ll excuse the pun) at Manhattan Time Service and there are few better exponents of this type of timepiece than the talented watchmakers at IWC.

We were lucky enough to attend an event unveiling IWC’s latest series of Pilot Watches and, we’re delighted to report, they are definitely shaping up mighty nice and will tick all of the right boxes from a design and style point of view for those who are already fans of the brand.

The first ever pilot watch from IWC took flight from their factory in 1936 and they’ve been honing their watchmaking skills ever since and the latest range which we were privileged to witness carries on this fine tradition.

Few watchmakers are more synonymous with pilot watches and flying than that of IWC Schaffhausen and for any man that wants a timepiece that has that aviation awesomeness pervading it, you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on the latest collection of pilot watches from IWC. Check out the brilliant video below from IWC which introduces their latest collection of Pilot Watches:

Some of the most striking new watches from this collection from IWC includes the Big Pilot’s Watch Le Petit Prince edition, the Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII and the new slimline Pilot’s Watch Automatic 36 and each can be considered a fantastic new addition to the Swiss watchmakers ever-growing roster of first class timepieces.


The beauty of IWC Pilot Watches is that they gloriously recreate the freedom and adrenaline soaked action of being in the skies and the watches are made from the finest materials and offer a vast array of styles to choose from to match your own taste preferences when it comes to wristwatches.

One of the key talking points from the new collection of IWC Pilot Watches is that they’ve broken one of their own previously held records for creating the biggest wristwatch on the market (which they’ve held since 1940). Their latest Big Pilot’s watch is, as you’d might expect, the timepiece in question and if you like your watches to be bold, uncompromising and dripping with aviation cool, you’ll not find many better candidates for your wrist than this stunning timepiece.

IWC Pilot Colletion 2016 by Thomas Lodowski

Watches of this magnitude don’t come along very often and it’s little surprise that IWC are the ones responsible for crafting it given their rich heritage in making the very best in pilot style watches. It is clear that Swiss watchmaker are putting a real emphasis on their Pilot series of watches in 2016 and if the collection that we were privileged enough to witness is anything to go by, it’s going to be a great year for fans of IWC.


With bold, chunky designs that you’ll either love or hate (we love them) the different watches making up the latest series of Pilot watches from IWC are available in both 48mm and 55mm iterations and the fact that they take their design inspiration from the oversized watches prevalent amongst WWII pilots is a really cool feature.

The uncomplicated, understated design of these IWC Pilot watches is something that really makes them appeal to us at Manhattan Time Service (but we’ve got a real soft spot for pilot watches anyway) and each of the ones we have the pleasure of seeing (and wearing) at the recent IWC event in New York have really made their mark on us.

According to a report in the Telegraph, CEO of IWC, Georges Kern, says of his latest collection of pilot watches, “With the sheer choice of models in the Pilot’s Watch collection we’re also appealing to watch lovers who have until now dismissed the idea of an IWC watch. With the Pilot’s Watch Automatic 36 and the Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII we have widened the range of models”.


It is clear that IWC are aiming to branch out with the appeal of their pilot range with the latest collection and this is something that is reflected in Kern’s comments. If you’re in the market for an aviation themed timepiece this year and firmly believe that bigger is better, these amazing watches will tick every one of your boxes.

We had a blast at the unveiling of these watches in NYC and IWC did an epic job of really making their watches look incredible. The fact that they showcased a staggeringly large 55mm watch took us aback somewhat but there’s no doubting that we loved it and we can’t wait to see what other watches IWC will be adding to their pilot collection of timepieces in the rest of 2016.

What do you think about a 55mm watch? Is that too big or just super cool?


Practiced horology since the age of 15, successfully took apart, cleaned and assembled a Rolex Submariner Cal. 3135 at the age of 19, further improved his watchmaking skills with NAWCC School of Horology. “It has been 15 years since I took apart my first watch, my goal is to repair every timepiece ever produced”.

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