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5 of the Best Watchmakers from Scandinavia

When it comes to watchmaking, it’s fair to say that most minds will gravitate towards Switzerland so far as the best watchmakers are concerned but there are so many regions crafting magnificent watches the world over and one place that is really doing great things in the world of horology of late is that of Scandinavia.

The likes of Sweden, Denmark and Norway might not be the sort of countries that you will think of when you’re thinking about your next timepiece purchase but this does them a disservice because there truly are some exceptional brands emanating from these Scandinavian countries and we’re big fans of them here at Manhattan Time Service. We take a look at five of the best Scandinavian watchmakers below:

1. Corniche Watches

 Corniche Watches

Sophistication, understated style and fantastic components are some of the main features of the superb collection of watches from Swedish watchmakers, Corniche, that really make them appeal to us at Manhattan Time Service and for those men who really want a exquisite looking timepiece that doesn’t cost the earth but also doesn’t compromise on the calibre of the materials and components then Corniche could be the perfect choice for you.

A relative newcomer to the world of watchmaking, Corniche take their design inspiration from the laid back lifestyle of the Cote D’Azur region of France and this positively shines through in all the timepieces that they produce. Despite their relative infancy as watchmakers, they’ve wasted no time in producing an impressive range of timepieces, including some truly striking limited edition offerings which boast an unparalleled level of dapperness.

Using great materials in their construction such as stunning dauphine hands, Miyota 2025 Quartz movement, sapphire crystal glass casing and genuine leather straps. Considering the quality of the materials, it’s hard to believe but you can pick up a Corniche watch for under $500.

One of Sweden’s finest watchmakers, Corniche are certainly a brand that should be on the tip of your tongue if you’re looking for a European watchmaker that offers stunning, stylish watches for an affordable price.

2. OBAKU Watches

Obaku watch

Home of bacon, Denmark has already done something that we appreciate here at Manhattan Time Service but they’re also home to some cracking watchmakers and one of our favourites is OBAKU who boast a mighty impressive selection of watches to suit most style preferences that men have with their watches.

OBAKU watches offer a striking combination of Danish design coupled with Zen philosophy which provides visually superior timepieces that are sure to appeal. Affordable and stylish, OBAKU watches are a great example of the quality timepieces which can be found in Scandinavia and regardless of the sort of watch you favour from a style point of view, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill within their extensive collection of timepieces.

The first rate collection of watches from OBAKU are designed by Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengård Ruge who have done a fantastic job of capturing the famous Danish design aesthetic and combining it with Zen theories for a modern, stylish timepiece which we’re really liking the look of here at Manhattan Time Service.

3. Triwa Watches

 Triwa watch

Heralding from the Swedish capital of Stockholm, Triwa watches are one of the most mainstream of the Scandinavian watchmakers (and have branched out into other accessories as a result).

Another relative newcomer to the watchmaking scene (Triwa were founded in 2007), they offer an unparalleled selection of timepieces for both men and women and were founded by four friends with a passion for watchmaking and that’s something which makes them really appeal.

The name of the brands stems from an anagram (Transforming the Industry of Watches), Triwa follow understated Scandinavian design principles with their watches and all design and product development is created in their creative studio in Stockholm. With a mantra of only creating timepieces that they themselves would were, it is little surprise that Triwa have managed to accumulate such an impressive collection of watches with a multitude of designs, materials and styles to suit every taste.


sjoo sandstrom

Another Stockholm based watchmaker and the brainchild of two engineers and watch aficionados Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandström, this superb brand does a first class job of marrying watchmaking tradition with technology to produce watches that don’t just look great but also boast an impeccable level of performance.

Sjöö Sandström are real innovators in the world of watchmaking and produced the Chronolink Worldtimer UTC back in 1997 which is described as a marvel of watchmaking ingenuity that couples analogue elegance, electronic superiority and classic Swedish aesthetics.

A cut above and one of the finest watchmakers to stem from Scandinavia, Sjöö Sandström are probably one of the best European watchmakers that don’t reside in Switzerland and the quality of their watches – both in terms of design and materials – really does speak for itself.

Having developed their own in-house movement, Sjöö Sandström are dedicated to the principle of independent watchmaking and small scale manufacturing and these qualities are certainly something that appeal to us here at Manhattan Time Service.

5. Georg Jensen Watches


Danish watchmakers, Georg Jensen, are the most “luxurious” brand to make it onto our list of the best Scandinavian watches and their Swiss-made watches are not just aesthetically superior, they are genuinely high end watches that perform exceptionally well.

Georg Jensen offering automatic, mechanical and chronograph watches in an abundance of styles and materials to suit every taste and for any man who wants a glorious timepiece that manages to superbly intermingle Danish design principles with first rate Swiss watchmaking, Georg Jensen is unquestionably the best place to start.

With an impressive tradition in the world of watchmaking, and the oldest purveyor of timepieces in our list, Georg Jensen watches are billed as a unique series of timepieces that harnesses the energy of automatic movement with optimum accuracy and, if we dare say so, are probably the most attractive collection of watches in our list – though this is something which is reflected in the price-point of these exceptionally stylish watches.

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