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    I have an extensive collection of fine watches, including minute repeaters, tourbillions, perpetual calendars and various astrological complications. For many years my timepieces, that required service, were returned to the factories in Switzerland...Read more
    Dr. Robert H. Greenspan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Prior to the holidays, I brought in a Vintage 14K gold Omega bracelet watch that had stopped running. You were successful in locating the broken part, replacing it, cleaning it, and fixing it...Read more
    Mary C.

Alpina Watch Repair in Manhattan, NYC

The Alpina brand is renowned for its robust styling, meticulous craftsmanship, and rugged durability, even when worn in the most demanding environments. Ice, snow, wind, rain, and dry desert heat simply cannot stand up to the Alpina watch's longevity and reliability. Alpina watches are especially trusted by adventurers daring to brave the highest of altitudes and the most extreme depths of the ocean. At Manhattan Time Service, our experienced technicians understand the value of a dependable watch, and we pledge to treat your Alpina timepiece with the respect and care it deserves.

Manhattan Time Service features a full menu of restoration and maintenance services for all Alpina timepieces. Our comprehensive services include the following:

  • Replacement of exterior components including broken or shattered crystal, missing window crown and exchange of genuine watch bands.
  • Replacement of a battery and water pressure testing.
  • Overhaul and replacement of faulty mechanism components.
  • Exterior cosmetic work consisting of precision buffing and polishing procedures.

(If your Alpina watch requires a service not listed here, please contact us and one of our experienced technicians will happily answer any questions you may have. Our team offers an all-inclusive range of repair and maintenance services for all quality-crafted watches, including all Alpina models.)

Service Recommendations for Alpina Watches

As the owner of a masterfully crafted Alpina timepiece, you value quality, durability, and the beauty of a well-made watch. As a Manhattan watch repair shop with more than three decades of experience, we share your appreciation for the finer things in life, particularly when it comes to the watches and jewelry you wear. That is why our team has committed itself to providing only the best in Alpina watch repair and maintenance, an art bolstered by a longstanding respect for finely crafted men's and women's  watches.

Because Alpina watches are often worn in harsh conditions, their repair schedule does vary among owners. If your watch is worn primarily for fashion purposes and does not often see the severe circumstances of wear and tear out in the elements, then a routine maintenance visit every three to four years is recommended. If, however, you do frequently wear your watch in extreme temperatures or environments, a service appointment every one to two years is highly recommended.

Services We Provide for Alpina Watches

  • Battery Change
  • Complete Service / Movement Overhaul
  • Replacement of any faulty watch parts
  • Analyze whether the watch parts function correctly, and check for rust or wear
  • Assemble and lubricate the movement in accordance with the technical documentation
  • Movement accuracy check and calibration if necessary
  • Demagnetization of the mechanism
  • Glass replacement
  • Hands replacement
  • Gaskets and seal replacement
  • Stem and crown replacement
  • Dial replacement or restoration
  • Ultrasound cleaning of the case and bracelet
  • Watchbands or Strap replacement
  • Exterior Cosmetics including Buffing, Polishing and Restoration
  • Pressure testing to factory specifications

Alpina Watches Repaired at Manhattan Time Service

Alpina Startimer, Alpina Startimer Pilot, Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph, Alpina Startimer Classic, Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage, Alpina Startimer Pilot Sunstar, Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 Chronograph, Alpina Seastrong Yacht Timer, Alpina Seastrong Lady Diver 300, Alpina Diver 300, Alpina Seastrong Yacht Timer Tactical Planner Limited Edition, Alpiner Chronograph, Alpiner Automatic, Alpiner GMT 4, Alpina Racing, Alpina Club, Alpina Adventure, Alpina Aviation, Alpina Extreme Diver, and more.

Only the Best Alpina Watch Repair in NYC

As a thoroughly dedicated, family-owned Manhattan watch repair service with more than 30 years of experience in our field, Manhattan Time Service is your premier destination for high-quality watch repair, maintenance, and all other services here in New York City. Our commitment to you is evident in the advanced technology and exceptional customer service we offer every day. Entrust the longevity, full functionality, and continuous beauty of your watch to the professionals at our facility. Contact us today to learn more about how our unique process ensures that your Alpina watch will continue to look and work as well as it did when it was first manufactured. We gladly offer free shipping to our Manhattan watch repair shop with FedEx for your convenience. Our team looks forward to serving your every watch repair need.